Question pc turns on, but monitors and all usb devices have no signal

Jul 5, 2022
So this first started like 2 days ago when i was randomly playing a game (installed on ssd, where windows is installed), and after some time of playing my monitors, mouse and keyboard just lost signal, but the pc was still on. I had to force the pc to turn off and when i turned it on again it was trying to fix system and after some time it turned back on and had no problems that day. (I have never had any problems like that before)

Yesterday was pretty much the same, but it happened like twice, and when it happened the second time, Windows booted into advanced boot, and when i tried to do a startup fix, it failed but the pc turned on.

Today i was again just playing a game (also installed on sdd), and when my monitor, mouse and keyboard lost signal, i turned the pc off and when i tried to turn it on, the monitor, keyboard and mouse just instantly lost signal, but the pc was on.
I managed to turn it on and reinstalled windows with a usb drive, but after like 30 minutes of reinstalling all the stuff (such as steam, discord, steelseries engine etc.)
It just happened again, and now i can't even get to the windows logo without loosing signal on the monitor and the usb devices.

So basically when I turn on my pc all the leds (on gpu, watercooling and motherboard) and fans are on but monitors and usb devices are as if they weren't even connected to pc, all the temps, usages and fps were normal. I never overclocked my cpu and gpu.

Could it be because i upgraded my gpu to rtx 3060 from gtx 1650 and got myself watercooling for the cpu like 3 weeks ago (corsair h100x)
The rest of the pc is like year old, only the drives (ssd, HDD and HDD) are 2 year old

Pc specs:
Gpu: gigabyte rtx 3060 eagle dual
Cpu: ryzen 5 3600 (with watercooling)
Ram: corsair vengeance lpx 2x8gb
Mobo: gigabyte a520 aorus elite
Psu: corsair cx650m (semi modular)
System: windows 10 pro
I also have a 128gb ssd (where windows is installed), 500gb HDD and a 1tb HDD
2 monitors, main one connected through displayport, and the second one through hdmi

I already tried:
-changing ram slots
-checking if all the cables are connected correctly
-using different display ports on gpu
-reinstalling windows
-turning all the bios settings to default


Apr 7, 2014
I've had this issue before.
I believe the problem is usually PSU-related.
I'm no expert, but did you try starting Windows with the minimum hardware possible?
Jul 5, 2022
Im also thinking its psu, or even motherboard but all the other components seem to be fine.
I dont quite know what do you mean by minimum, byt i tried starting windows with only one ram stick if thats it