Question Pc turns on but no output to display

Jun 27, 2022
Hey i have been having a problem since yesterday. The pc turns on but the red cpu light turns on on the EZ debug and nothing is being output to the screen. I tried to put a bios speaker in to see what the problem was but the speaker doesnt work on the board i tried the speaker on a different board and it worked.
I checked the cables, standoffs, removed cmos, tried flashing bios. I dont think it is the psu since i never had any problems with it for 4 years. This problems started occuring when i took my gpu out to make pictures of it because i wanted to sell it.
Cpu has no bended pins or burn marks

Cpu: ryzen 5 3600
Mobo: msi tomahawk max II
Ram: corsair vengeance 16gb 3200mhz
Psu: corsair a860 platinum
M.2 ssd 500gb
250 gb Samsung ssd
128 gb Samsung card
Apr 12, 2022
So do you think i should buy a new mobo or cpu?
hi! so im having the same problem, please dont buy another cpu/mobo as that is just wasting money. motherboard might be the problem but a dead cpu can cause also display problems, so RMA both of the components, unfortunately you are gonna have to take apart the entire pc so make sure you have all of the boxes and ship the cpu and mobo out to their manufacturers where they will test them and see if you need a replacements. i shipped both my mobo and cpu out at the same time and my mobo manufacturer said nothing is wrong with it, cpu im still waiting on. hope this helps :)