Question PC unexpectedly shutdown. Could it be the GPU ?

Aug 28, 2021
Hello guys, hope everyone is fine over there during these days...

I am facing a really annoying problem with my computer, I bought all the hardware components (PSU, Motherboard, Ram, CPU) and used an old GPU card that I had from a previous setup.

The problem is that every time I play for instance GTA V (it happened with other games as well before, like Dota) the computer completely shutdown...

I already did the following :
  • Asked for a PSU replacement (didn't work, same problem).
  • Disconnected GPU from motherboard and connected again (didn't work, same problem).
  • Changed RAM to another motherboard slot (didn't work, same problem).
I believe the problem is the GPU itself , why ?
  1. Because the PC only shutdown when I 'am playing videogame or benchmarking , doing intensive graphic activity.
  2. When I run online benchmark ( basemark 3.0) , my PC almost instantly shutdown after loading the textures.
  3. Shutdown after playing some minutes of GTA V.
  4. The logs from OpenHardwareMonitor show that - before computer shutting down - the GPU temperatures reached 91º C . ( If you want I can show you the logs)
Drivers are updated as well.
Now , if the problem really is the GPU , how can I make sure it is the GPU and what possible fixes can I try to use ?

Here are my complete specs:

  • MSI Gaming Radeon RX 470:
  • 8 GB DDR4
  • Intel i3 10100F 3,6Ghz
  • Corsair 650W 80Plus Bronze:
  • Motherboard MSI H410-M Pro
Thank you so much, I am getting really annoyed with this and would like some guidance!
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Aug 28, 2021
Hi, perhaps a little less than 3 years but I think I 'am not able to use the warranty anymore unfortunately. I don't where the papers are.

What I really wanted to know is :

  1. Firs of all , how can i make sure/test/prove it is REALLY the gpu problem. or not some other component..
  2. If it is the GPU, is there something I can do to this one ( fix , clean , etc ) before buying a new one ?