Pc upgrade advice.


Jun 12, 2009
What up peeps!! Just wanted to know if i should upgrade to a 9800 gtx+ and if it is a good idea to do so. I want to play games like Cod 4, Left 4 Dead, Diablo 3( yes i know its not out yet but thats my next pc game),Crysis and so on. But i don't know if my system is compatible with these big leager cards. What do u guys recommend me getting.I really have my eyes on that 9800 gtx+ but not positive if my computer can handle that much horse power.and i know i need to buy a PSU cause this shitty 250W is not going to cut it(laugh if u want) hahaha i laugh with you!i want to work with what i have and i dont want to buy A whole NEW PC. Anyway please help?!

Here is what I've got currently:
AMD Anthlon 64 LE-1640 @2.7GHz
MCP61PM-GM (motherboard)
2 Gigs of DDR2(387 MHz)
15" CRT normally run at 1024 x 768
7300 LE (laugh hahaha)

Please help a fellow gamer!? thnx!!!!!!



Jun 2, 2008
You missed a key pice of info the Power Supply. What PSU do you have? What is it's power rating? Does it have the requisite PCIe power connectors? If you have a decent power supply get a GTS 250 (basically a re-badged 9800 GTX+) or ATI 4850. also I'd look into upgrading your CPU to a dual core one like the Athlon x2 7750 if your budget permits.


May 8, 2009
I agree with the above. Although, he has said he is going to upgrade his power supply so there is no need to give us information on it.
Get the GTS 250 instead of the 9800GTX+ it is pretty much the same card but in most places its cheaper. It is the newer model and has improved cooling.
You will also need to buy a good quality 400W+ power supply to run the card. Corsair is a good brand to go for, I have many of their power supplies and they are excellent.

However, there is a bigger issue!! With a huge graphics card such as the GTS 250, your computer may become bottlenecked by your CPU which will greatly reduce performance in games. It might be money well spent if you looked to upgrade the whole PC (ie. a new computer) as it will be a better gaming platform.