Question PC will not power on after 2 motherboard replacements


Oct 13, 2012
Hi all,

A few weeks ago I got a used motherboard for an old system I wanted to turn into a server. It had an i5-3570k and I got a cheap ASUS P8B75 motherboard as a replacement. After installation everything seemed to work; it was booted into Windows and everything. I came back 5 minutes later and it was powered off and would not power back on.

After a lot of work trying to see what happened, I had no luck.
So far I've tried to following:
  • I got another ASUS P8B75 incase I somehow shorted the last one
  • I tried a new power supply
  • I rearranged the sticks of ram
  • I ordered a i5-3470 to check the cpu
Still nothing, when I press the power button, I get nothing. I checked the cables for the power button, and it seems to be fine.
I also tried jumping the power pins, but still nothing.

The only sign of life I have is the motherboard LED is lit.

I'm not sure what I am missing that could be causing this problem. The only thing thing that is giving me hope was that it was working for a little bit the first time. Any help would be appreciated.