Pc works only in horizontal position


Jul 12, 2011
i have desktop of congiguration:
i5 processor
1 gb 9800gt nvidia
4gb ddr3 ram
intel mothherbooard
westendigital 500gb harddrive
i ball cabinet with psu

my pc randomly restarts and some times it even doent boot but strangely it works fine in horizontal position

i checked all the scerws and connections and everything seems to be tight amd fine


May 17, 2011
I can only think of two things that would cause what you're describing.

1) Something's loose.
2) It gets too hot when not horizontal

Overheating would more likely give you hard shutdowns but I've seen it cause random reboots before. Anyway, overheating might just be a matter of air flow being poor when vertical.

I realize you checked everything but you might want to try setting the PC on its side without the side panel then tilting it up while watching all the wires and the CPU cooler. anything that moves is suspect. you might also try __gently__ shaking it while it's standing up to see if anything moves.

Other than that, you might have something loose inside your PSU. You can't really check anything in there very easily but if you can't trace it anywhere else, that would be my guess.

Less likely but also possible is a motherboard fault. If you've got a small enough fault it might depend on gravity to show itself.