Sep 27, 2008
ok i got a gateway 830gm from a estate sale...for 5 bucks, hard drive is gone and so is one of the 512 ddr modules but thats cheap to buy...but the pci express slot has been removed..the motherboard is fine but the slot is toatlly gone, and there the motherboard states and etched on there that theres suppose to be a pcix16 in there. how do i get one put back in? where do i look on here or what is called?
Don't assume that the PCI Express x16 socket is all that is missing.

Gateway had the OEM leave off the PCI Express x16 socket and its supporting SMD components like resistors and capacitors because they knew that they would not be including discrete graphics cards in systems that use that motherboard.

It all comes down to the almighty dollar. Saves money for Gateway. Probably increased their profit margin too.