PCI Express Card no signal


Dec 30, 2010

I have an EMachines T6532 PC with onboard video graphics. A friend gave me a ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT PCI Express video card that he saids works.

My step of installing it was:
1) Shut down machine and inserted card and screwed in. Also removed Wireless PCI NIC.

2) Turned on machine and went to BIOS and set "Primary Display Adapter" to PCI-Express. (No option to disable.)
3) Vefified adapter showed up in Device Manager and then install Catalyst driver software from AMD website. I was prompted to reboot and so I did.
4) New video card work. Was able to load windows and play 3D game with much better performence.

5) Shut down machine, re-installed Wireless NIC and put side cover back on PC and turned on computer.

6) No video output from the video card. Switched monitor cable from card to oboard vga output and got a video signal. (Now getting a little mad and confused.)

7) Went to device manage and new video card has yellow exclamation mark. Went to the properties and said not enough system resources.

8) Shut down machine, took out wireless NIC and rebooted. No signal from video card but recieved signal from onboard video. Checked Device Manager and the video card is gone and only the onboard video is present.

9) Shutdown...removed video card, booted, shut down, placed card back in and still no output from video card, only onboard.

10) Did some research, shut down machine, removed MOBO battery, turned on machine and *bam* video card starting working.

11) Shut down machine, replaced battery and *sad face* no output from video card, once again only onboard working.

12) Shut down machine, placed MOBO jumper from 1-2 to 2-3, turned on machine, output from oboard video only. Shut down machine, replaced jumper back to 1-2 and turned on machine.. and onboard video only.

So at this point I am out of ideas...anyone have any??


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