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Pci express


Feb 12, 2012
i was wondering if i could use a pci x card in a pci express slot would it fit in there and give me the same performance wise you see the network card came out of a server and i was wondering would it work in the slot or not would it loose performance or just won't work?


Mar 21, 2012
HisGadget-com Store provides 54Mbps PCI Wireless LAN (WLAN) Network Card Adapter 802.11b/g with Integrated Antenna at the Most Affordable Prices! Guaranteeing Efficient Wireless Connections.

This 54Mbps PCI adapter provides a decent wireless solution for your PC. Compliant with IEEE 802.11g, this wireless LAN card sports high throughout speed. You will be glad to know that it can handle heavy data payloads. Thanks to its multi security features, you need not to worry about the privacy of your communication and information. It is noteworthy that it supports operating distance of 100M in the room and 300M outside.
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