Performance decrease by using 65w charger instead of 90w?


Jul 21, 2017
I got a hp pavilion 15, i used to have a 90w charger but it broke and my brother had a 65w charger so im using his, both are 19.5 volt,
the charger broke down some years ago and im wondering does it do alot to the performance on the laptop if i use the 65w charger?
And if i buy a new one will it increase the performance significantly since it says my pc originally use 90w but im using 65w.

i want to be able to play league of legends but it barely stays on 60 fps on medium settings, as soon as any minions comes it goes down from 140 fps to 60 and im wondering if i can achieve higher fps if i buy that new charger.
if you are using the battery, then no the charger won't make a difference.

however, if you are using the charger to power it 100%, then absolutely it makes a difference.

if you built a pc that needed 500w and only put in a 250w psu, what would expect to happen? this is EXACTLY the same thing you're doing with the laptop. i'm not saying you'll all of a sudden triple performance with a charger that gives what it is supposed to but it will at least get all the power it needs.

your fps is limited by the cpu itself and whatever gpu it is using. if they each have the full power they need, then they can run to full potential, plain and simple.