Performance of McAfee Home Vs. Enterprise


Jan 2, 2003
I posted this in software but those never get read. Anyways, I get McAfee free as a condition of a grant and I can use either the Home version or the Enterprise version. Has anyone had any experience as to which one hogs the least amount of system resources while still remaining effective, especially with games?

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Aug 2, 2002
OK, you should choose a better name for this post. Something like "Game performance with background APPS question.". You would have had a couple more reply.

Your POST title looks like something no one bother here! AV performance!

First, all new Anti-Virus software should be well programmed and non-intrusive. Which means they should not hog CPU while sitting there in the background. I personnaly use Norton AV, so I don't know how McAfee perform, but I'm confident that both version are equally performing. Entreprise edition often comes with features you don't need like remote administration, auto-update from network servers, etc... You should simply install the home edition and configure it correctly and you will never have any problem.

Some performance freaks will argue that you should shut it down when you play games, but I disagree unless you are low on RAM or CPU. I run 2 instance of Seti@Home + Norton Anti-Virus + ZoneAlarm (firewall) + MyNetWatchMan (firewall reporting tools) + Miranda (instant messanging ICQ and MSN support) in the background and I don't see any impact on games.

Maybe I would gain a few FPS if these were all shutdown, but I don't bother since I don't need those few FPS to enyou games. And note that I only have an Athlon XP 1800+ o/c to 2400+ speed with 512Megs of DDR333. So, I don't have an "uber" setup.

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