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Im not a big expert with performance when it comes to games and all that, but i was thinking that a 450MHz, with 220mb of ram, with a 32mb ati radeon would at least produce a bearable framrate in like MOST games. But my computer runs horribly on even the simplest games. Even games that only require 16mb to operate. What the hells up with that? Its a 450MHz AMD k6-2 if that helps... I dont really know what kind of motherboard that i have. I was thinking that maybe that was the problem, but i dont even know how to find out what kind, or what bus speed i have. Can anyone help me?

What i have noticed, is that my games slow down when there are a lot of textures on the screen. In games like diablo, it runs fine until lots of monsters run onto the screen. And with games like oni, or rouge spear, i can be in a small room and it will run really nice, but when i walk outside, everything goes to crap.

ANOTHER thing that i have noticed, is my computer seems like its bottlenecked. I can run just about all of the newest game titles with the highest graphic settings, even in 1280x1024x32 and they will run really good provided i have the right circumstances (noted above). Its only when it has to display lots of textures, is when it goes bad. What causes this?? Processer? Motherboard? These are the only two things i can think of.

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Nov 20, 2001
i don't think you are running your games at that high of a resolution, but if you are taking it down will help. the standard is 1024x768. make sure that the hardware acceleration is set to full. an upgrade in you drivers will help. run dxdiax and see if you pass all the tests. maybe d3d or openGL are disabled. make sure you have chosen the right rendering option in the game.

and yes you are right, it should definitely perform better. i don't think the problem is your hardware.


I seeee.....i was kinda leaning towards the processor. What would be a good gaming processer? I have a pretty shitty job right now, whats a good gaming processer that an 18 year old kid with a part time job afford? lol =)


Well i guess its not as tough as i made it out to be. My limit would be about 300$. What can you get for that? Well as for only processor-wise, not ram or anything

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The fastest processors your motherboard supports are those K6-2's. You would actually have to get another motherboard to do better. And newer AMD CPU's work much better with DDR SDRAM, so reconsider the settup I just recommended, add around $125 if you want an XP1600+ and an adequate power supply.

What's the frequency, Kenneth?


Nov 10, 2001
Might add that you could just as well get a nice new ATX box with the PSU included, that way leave your Socket 7 mobo as is, take out what you need for the new mobo: Radeon, DD, CD-ROM any other cards and install with that beautifull new ECS mobo.

Then, that way, you have a full Socket 7 box with mobo, cpu, mem, all you would need to get it up and running is a small vid card, DD, CD-ROM and VOILA. Yes monitor...

Or sell the K6-2 box to a good friend, cheap :)