Question Physical Damage for Ethernet


Nov 30, 2015

So I've had this problem for nearly 3 months and I think I've tried everything at this point.

The problem is that my Ethernet speed is abysmal. I only get around 4-5 mbps download and about 6-7 mbps for upload. That is bits, not bytes. I have a separate USB WiFi adapter that regularly gets 100+ mbps download and 150 mbps upload on the same computer.

This first started happening when I shipped my PC back to my college. It was working completely fine before shipping. Once I connected to Ethernet, I immediately saw the low speeds. I connect to my university's WiFi, so I'm not able to do anything back-end with the router. At first I thought it was the Ethernet ports on the wall that were faulty, but my laptop gets perfect speeds on the same port and same cable. I have also connected to this WiFi network since 2017 and I've never had any issues, even with the same PC.

At this point, I have done a complete Windows reinstall, with no old files or programs installed, minus the Ethernet drivers for my motherboard.

I have tried nearly every trick to diagnose my issue, and I still can't figure it out. The only thing I can think of now is that there might have been some physical damage to the motherboard or Ethernet port during shipping. The last thing I want to do is buy a new motherboard, so is there any way to diagnose if the motherboard or network card is failing or damaged? What's holding me back is that I still get a consistent Ethernet connection. If I had no connection at all, I feel like that would make more sense. Is it possible for damage to be causing this when it still 'kinda' works?

My motherboard is the Gigabyte GA Z170XP-SLI. I have tried changing Ethernet cables and ports.