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  1. Desighen456

    [SOLVED] Ethernet cat 5e, 6 or 6a for PS4?

    I need a 10m cable for my PS4 slim. My internet is only 20MB though. Which 1 is better for me? Is 6 worth it when I have a slow internet?
  2. U

    Question Ping Spikes and HDD Trouble

    Playing games and I'll get pretty big ping spikes and when I look in the task manager, there are random apps that i don't know are running in the disk drive and sometimes in Ethernet. Don't know what a lot of them are and they slow down my PC pretty big when I start it up. Don't know what to do.
  3. D

    Question Taskbar icons flash, then ethernet connection hard drops

    I've experienced this for about a month now, and is especially noticeable when playing online games. If I look at my network icon in the taskbar, it claims that there is no connection. I do have a vpn, but it isn't relevant whether or not it is open, running, off, or completely closed - the...
  4. J

    Question LAN connection keeps dropping

    Hello for the past few months my computer started to disconnect from internet. I used to have no problems up until now. I have a RealTek PCIe GBE family controller network adapter. I have read many online posts about people having similar problems with this adapter. but none of their fixes...
  5. W

    Question Can i connect routers to each other to extend range?

    So i have one ethernet connection coming from the ground, it is connected to what i believe is a router (black box). It gives OK connection if u are downstairs (both wifi and ethernet) But the connection is too weak upstairs. So is there a way i could buy a new router, connect it to a cable...
  6. A

    Question Ethernet disconnecting

    I built a PC and everything works just fine, the only issue is that the Ethernet connection is connected for about and hour then disconnects. I bought a new Ethernet cable but it still does it. i have the cable plugged into a wifi extender but when it disconnects its still green (which means...
  7. G

    Question Troubles with Ethernet connection!

    Hi everyone! Have weird problem with my PC, well I have never encountered it previously. I have brought PC from work connected to internet via ethernet cable. Immediately noticed that connection is not stable some websites a loading normal, such as google, others do not load at all. This is...
  8. S

    Question Arris Surfboard 6580 QoS/WMM help

    My house uses an Arris Surfboard 6580. I am the only computer which uses an ethernet connection. Unfortunately, whenever someone streams over the wifi any game I am playing online becomes immediately unplayable due to the 300 ping that I get. I have tried messing with the router's QoS, but have...
  9. ColoradoWolf

    [SOLVED] Hardwire LAN into a house.

    Hi guys, so living in the UK my house comes with telephone cables hardwired in. However I would like to have an 8 port switch in the attic space in my room. Unfortunatly our main router and thernet input is downstairs almost directly under my room. I dont want to gut the house or take allot of...
  10. L

    Question Is a cat5 outlet needed for an Ethernet connection?

    Do I need to have a cat5 outlet on my wall to be able to hook up an Ethernet connection to my computer? Or can I just get an Ethernet cord, plug it into my router, and then plug it into my computer? Is there an alternative that I can do so I won’t have to have an Ethernet connection? What would...
  11. M

    Question High Error Output on Trunk Interface - Help Troubleshooting

    Hello everyone, new to the forum here! We have three switches in our company, one of them is the core switch, and the other two is where our client PCs are connected. The switch core also has an ESXi Server connected to it, where all of our services are hosted. Additionally, we have a Cisco ASA...
  12. M

    Question nevermind t t t t t t t t t t.

    nevermind t t t t t t t t t t.
  13. T

    Question Z390-A PRO ethernet connection issues

    Hello everyone, Yesterday I build my new pc with the MSI Z390-A PRO as the motherboard. I installed all the drivers which came with the motherboard. For my network I got the Intel Network Drivers The problem I have is that, even though my pc says it is connected with internet...
  14. D

    Question Invalid IP address

    Out of nowhere, while i was downloading through bitcomet, it stopped downloading with the ethernet icon having a yellow triangle saying it doesnt have a valid IP address, i tried everything from troubleshoots except network reset. The wifi works on every other device except the PC with the...
  15. J

    Question Internet keeps disconnecting and reconnecting.

    Hello everyone! As the title says I have serious problem with my internet which keeps disconnecting for 5-20 seconds then reconnects automatically. The timing of these interruptions is random, for example I can get more than 5 disconnects every 20 minutes, an hour or few hours. The Router is in...
  16. M

    Question Speedtest showing 300/300MB but I only get maximum 20MB while downloading, even with cable

    So we just upgraded to fiber internet with 300/300MBs speed. I bought a CAT6 ethernet cable with up to 1000MBs speed for my PC. When I connected my PC to the router, I only got a maximum of 20MBs while downloading games or updates, while speedtest showed me that my speed is around 300. Is there...
  17. kinggaming60

    Question 100Mbp/s with CAT 6

    I recently upgraded to a CAT 6 cable and i still only get 100Mbp/s. I have already changed the speed&Duplex of my ethernet driver and still nothing has changed. My motherboard is a ASUS Prime Z370-P so it should be able to get 1.0Gbp/s right? Thanks!
  18. H

    Question Parts needed to run Ethernet cable from one floor to another

    Hey there, I’m doing a pretty simple job but I’m not sure what parts I need to get the job done without having any adverse effects on internet speeds. The idea is I’m running an ethernet cable from my main floor where my router is straight up through the wall straight above to the second...
  19. D

    Question Do WiFi adapters that plug into a computer's Ethernet port exist?

    Hi everyone. I was wondering, do WiFi adapters (e.g. dongles) that plug into a computer's Ethernet port exist? I've been searching online but so far I've only found WiFi dongles that are meant to be plugged into a USB port. It seems to me that if there were a WiFi adapter that plugged directly...
  20. S

    Question Issues installing network adapter driver

    So, I’ve known that my pc has some kind if problem installing drivers, specifically network adapters for a while. NordVPN didn’t work because the driver wouldn’t install and same with Hamachi but that wasn’t of too much importance. But yesterday, I tried updating the driver and it just stopped...