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  1. G

    Question Is this ethernet wall jack supposed to work like this? (Because it doesn’t)

    I’ve got my cables set up like this And I was wondering if this wall jack is even supposed to work like this. The cable coming from below is connected to my modem, the cable going up is connected to my pc. Whenever I connect a cable directly to the...
  2. laokbejarok

    Question Can a faulty cpu cause internet problem?

    Hi, I have upgraded my cpu from ryzen 5 2400g to 5600. After the upgrade I noticed that my wifi card not detected anymore. (Not even detected in device manager). Ethernet connection also disconnect randomly (error code 43). I have done many things to solved this. -Clean windows installation...
  3. SparkytheDorito

    Question Ping spiking

    So I play Valorant and in game my ping spikes like crazy. It started about 4 days ago randomly and now it hasn't gone away. In game it consistently spikes to 200 ping every 1-3 seconds making it unplayable at times. I'm connected to an extender via ethernet and I tried doing just wifi and it was...
  4. Naseem Khan1682

    Question Internet in Student Rooms HELP

    Hello, I am converting a commercial property into residential for students, the two storey property is roughly 4,000 sq/ft. I would like every room to have access to a 1gb wi-fi connection and also access to an ethernet port for students that require direct. How best to go about doing this...
  5. vertoxed

    Question Everytime my tv gets turned on my internet slows down considerably

    Whenever anyone uses this tv in my house the internet slows down to the point where a google search takes a while to load. It effects everything connected to the internet like computers, phones, etc. The TV is a Samsung Series 7. I do use a wifi extender...
  6. Ayaz31

    Question Ethernet stops working after I put my SSD to PCI slot

    I just bought this SSD (Gigabyte Aorus 1TB RGB aıc NVMe) to my rig cuz I didn't have another M.2 slot Right now whenever I plug this in to the second PCI Slot, Ethernet gets disabled and random freezes, stutter appear. I can see that Ethernet device is recognized in Bios but it just doesn't or...
  7. N

    Question Is it possible to connect a Mac Mini to a 2nd monitor on another floor?

    I've got this Mac Mini and I would love to use it for my TV downstairs... and transmit the signal to my office as well. Can this be done via an ethernet-connection and if so how? I mean, can I transmit video signals + USB keyboard and mouse via ethernet? With kind regards from Scandinavia.
  8. TheRustiestOne

    Question Only one computer on network having ping spikes on ethernet despite fresh windows install, new cable, different ethernet port, ect.

    About a week and a half ago, while gaming, I noticed my computer starting to have ping spikes. These ping spikes have gotten worse and worse as this last week has gone on. when I try and ping google I get this Pinging [2607:f8b0:4000:803::200e] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from...
  9. Ryaxed

    Question Hello! I set up a static ip for a device on my TENDA router and now the tenda doesn't work - lights keep turning off every few seconds / keeps resetin

    Hello, so i tried seting up a static ip for a device connected to my tenda, i put in the ip it had and the mac adress of the pc, after clicking "save" the router reset, and from then on it keeps reseting every few seconds, on the ethernet (pc) it says "identifying", slowly going into "connected"...
  10. Giorgi379

    Question how to to access device remotely from remote computer?

    hello all i need help how to to access device remotely from remote computer? USB from remote computer to OBD2 interface to car. or Ethernet to OBD2 like this
  11. Herbata

    [SOLVED] D-link DES-1026g 23-10/100mb and 2-1000mb, internet speed above 100mb, but when switch engaded is 9mb

    Hi, reasently I bought D-link Des-1026g 25 ports, but i have trouble with speeds on it. When pc is connected to router via cat5 in wall i have above 100mb (110 sometimes 120), but when i connect router via wall cable to switch in my room and switch to my pc, on pc i only have 9mb max 10mb. Why...
  12. Coachaye

    Question How to fix my network?

    My internet constantly gets spikes of 100% packet loss. I get 1000down and 100up and my network provider says theres no problems which is bs. Any help on what is happening?Internet Packet Loss
  13. R

    Question No ethernet connection after BIOS update

    I recently updated my BIOS because i wanted to updgrade my PC's CPU. But after updating my BIOS, my PC no longer can connect to the internet. my motherboard is MSi B350M Gaming Pro and updated the BIOS to the latest version. I've tried many "solutions" but none have worked, starting from DNS...
  14. Morchek

    Question My internet connection goes out randomly for seconds

    My internet connection on both my PC (ethernet) and on my phone (WiFi) cuts out randomly quite often. When it happens, it only lasts for about 5 - 20 seconds but it often cuts out again within a minute, and sometimes it will cut out 1-2 seconds after just cutting out. It mostly happens around 12...
  15. Ferrariassassin

    [SOLVED] I build my new PC but can not connect to internet even by Ethernet.

    My build is. i7-1700K MSI MPG Z590 GAMING FORCE 850W 80+ Bronze PSU 16gb DDR4 ram. Samsung Sata SSD WD HDD I have windows 10 installed from a thumb drive because my PC says it does not support windows 11 because all of my parts are to old and outdated so i had to go with windows 10. It all...
  16. Morchek

    Question ??

  17. H

    Question Win 11 install stopped

    Bought Usb drive , start install win 11. Stops at connecting me to network . What have I missed ? New built Gigabyte Aero Z790 motherboard . Ethernet connected .
  18. S

    Question Packet loss I believe while gaming

    I am not the smartest in terms of networking/wifi area, but recently while I play games it seems that I get packet loss quite often and pretty badly. My ping stays the same, same with fps whatnot, but it seems that I am getting packet loss and I'm not sure why. I have realtek gaming 2.5gbe...
  19. M

    Question I have Good Internet Connection but very high ping help

    I used to have good connection and a fair good amount of ping, but I had to reset my windows and now my ping is very bad and inconsistent. I tried reinstalling drivers but it did not help. I tried running these commands which came up when I was looking for help in this order on cmd. netsh...
  20. L

    Question Intel I225-V Driver Not Detecting the Ethernet Cable

    Hello, Today I came back from my holiday and suddenly my ethernet is not working. So I went out and bought a new cable. Seems the issue is not that.. I started searching the web and seem to find a lot of people saying that I needed to go back to Driver for it to work, I did that and it...
  21. LeInfiniti

    Question Ethernet crashes when friend joins Minecraft server

    On a whim decided to set up a modded Minecraft server to play with a friend. Ports seem to be forwarded correctly because they are able to join the server, but very shortly after doing so, my ethernet will crash. The adapter cannot be disabled, and upon trying to run troubleshooter it hangs...
  22. AFatFly24

    Question No internet connection

    Hello I just got the Z790-p Wifi pro ddr4 motherboard. I cant connect to the internet with ethernet nor wifi. I updated my bios and installed drivers from intel with a flash drive. I know the ethernet cables work because I tested both on my laptop. When I plug the ethernet cable into my pc it...
  23. D

    [SOLVED] Internet speed cut in half, but only on one computer ?

    ive got gigabit internet speed for my home network and ive got 3 pcs running off of it and for some reason 1 of the PCs is getting half the speed of the others. any ideas as to why that might be? its got me stumped ive tried several things to troubleshoot it and still nothing :confused2: running...
  24. Scampie

    Question Which device for hardwired extended network?

    Whats the best piece of hardware for use in a hardwired garden room? Basically want the same functionality as a router. Hardwired and wireless connectivity. Have tried using a second router (BT home bub 5), changing ip and turning off dhcp but it intermittently cuts out. One suggestion for...
  25. N

    Question Ethernet cutting out at full duplex

    Hello, i've just built my new pc, a few days ago now. All drivers are installed and updated, same with bios. When im using ethernet connection at 1gbs windows thinks im plugging in and unplugging my LAN cable constantly. It connect and disconnects around 10 times per minute if not more. If I...
  26. christofferskr

    Question Ethernet cable stops working properly

    I've gon through 4-5 ethernet cables the last 2 years. I use 30-40 meter long UV-protected outdoor ethernet cable and every single one I've had stops working properly after a few months. The one I use now and the last I used both have the same problem. After a month of use, I start getting...
  27. jp7803

    [SOLVED] Ethernet connection has significant latency

    I'm a college student, and I recently moved my PC back home for Thanksgiving break. I'm using an ethernet connection and the speeds are great, but I have significant latency. I have a 1 gbps internet connection at home. This wasn't the case before, and my internet connection at school was fine...
  28. I

    Question Why is my internet speed stuck at 100Mbps

    Hey I've got an issue with my computer where my connection is capped to 100mbps on my pc wich was not the case before, This happoened yesterday after reinstalling windows and I did update my LAN driver. I did try aswell using the same cable that I use on this pc on another pc wich gets the...
  29. O

    Question Home nettwork security

    I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but do i need extra security on my home network, or is the standard security (wifipassord ect )sufficient?
  30. hikariog

    Question ethernet port doesnt work after gpu upgrade

    i recently bought a new pc and i had an old gpu in the meantime while i wait for a better one, yesterday i switched my 1060 to the 2060 super and booted it up and suddenly my ethernet port is not working anymore. i read somewhere online that someone did exactly that and accidentaly knocked off a...
  31. O

    Question Asus router accesspoint or repeater?

    Hi all, i just got a quick question about router settings. I got 3 routers in the house. one in the livingroom where the internett connects from outside and then it goes a cabel upstairs to another one and the i got one in my office where i have two computers. I am just wondering what...
  32. W

    Question My internet connection keeps dropping out when connected to ethernet while I am gaming.

    Problem: My internet connection keeps dropping out when connected to ethernet while I am gaming. It does not happen on Wi-Fi and only drops out for a second or two. I have tested it on multiple games. I have not noticed it happening when not gaming, this includes watching live streams. There is...
  33. P

    Question Internet connection in a Student Residence

    Hi, i recently moved to a student residence and ive been having some huge lag spikes. Hopefully someone can help me out cause this is unbearable Usually im at 40ms and it spikes sometimes to over 1000ms. I pinged google in cmd and its good most of the time and sometimes the request times out...
  34. O

    Question Quality difference of ethernet cables ?

    I have a problem on my wired network in house. The Internet Router (Telenor Wifi Ruter, Alltid WiFi-utstyr til hjemmet ditt - Telenor ) is on the first floor, then there is one cable going up to the second floor where there is a Asus AC750 Gigabit router 802.11ac From this router there goes a...
  35. saschacolussi

    Question Ethernet Controller Turns Off After Shutdown

    My ethernet/lan controller driver wont start after i shut down my PC. I have to go in to bios, turn my lan controller off, turn the PC on and go back to bios and turn the lan controller on again, then my lan connection will work and the driver will work. After turning off the pc, the driver...
  36. BigBou

    Question I dont know how to explain my problem in the title

    [Note: Moderator edit to break up one continuing line of text.} Please help, my wifi acts so weird that it gives me brain damage, ok so first of all, I have 2 routers (1 downstairs and 1 upstairs) connected to each other, and i have 2 wifi networks (lets call them net1 and net 2) and net1...
  37. tophufn

    Question Experiencing high ping only in evenings

    Hello! I've been experiencing high ping in evenings for nearly a month now. Occurred randomly one night while gaming and has been going on since. During the day everything is normal. I'm getting the same ping as I used to and the gaming experience is as it should be. Around 6pm everything goes...
  38. GoldenCrepe

    [SOLVED] Ethernet connecting a PC with router in separate room ?

    My computer is in a separate room from my router. I'm getting spotty internet connection wirelessly, and am hoping to be able to connect my computer through the wall to my router. Please be patient, as I don't know much about this topic, but I'm willing to learn. My modem is plugged into the...
  39. savasava

    Question Ethernet port not working not even blinking

    I didnt have internet for a while. Several days ago when i got new provided my ethernet port wouldnt work. It doesnt blink and in windows it says no internet. I tried 3 cables and not even one worked. I know port worked before.
  40. B

    [SOLVED] Ethernet only sometimes works?

    Apologies if this is not the right place but here I go: Ever since a power outage, my internet connection through ethernet has been... funky. I've noticed it mostly on Google websites (YT, Search, GMail) where it takes a really long time to load, especially Youtube, where it will tell me I'm...