Pic of R8xx

OK, here ya go


Yes Sir, but that is not the way the final product will look like, same as when you see Nvdia based cards, they all look the same till each manufacturer comes up with a different cooling design....

Exactly.... funny how some of you started to drool over that pic....
Unless this thing offer some serious power over what I've got, I ain't caring.

I don't see it happening myself, but perhaps I will be "pleasantly surprised".

Pretty much the way im looking at it, untill we get some actual facts its a bit hit and miss but i heard the RV840 is roughly a 4770 performance wise so it remains to be seen if its a viable upgrade or not or if i need to look at the RV870. Then again im looking at a CPU upgrade next and just want to get this MT thing with DX11 sorted first to see if finally more than 2 cores is worth it.

Im guessing, but everything is pointing as a single chip will be equal to your x2. So another x2 or better will make everyone pleasently surprised.
Worst case is, itll be a lil below your setup SS, for a single chip highend, but still trade blows because of the 2 chip vs 1 CF dependency
The only way I can see this as a 2900 scenario is if it doesnt do well against the late arriving nVidia cards, but it would still have perf, meaning nVidias solution would have to be incredable.
OK, signs that ATI is on track for good cards
They havnt changed that much. Didnt need to. M$ went in their direction this time, and didnt do a flip flop either , the one we saw in DX10/10.1. Theyve been wanting tessellation, they got it we'll soon have it now too.
Theyre coming in with a full line up. That didnt happen at all with the 2900. They couldnt. They had to change things up a bit for their low end, which still were weak, but they werent power hungry, as those lower cards cant be.
Dont know enough about the shaders yet, but it could be their usage/design may play well with the new compute design, or having scalable shaders just might be what compute shaders needs, if you will, more flexability from the get go.

And finally, theyve been there and done that with the 4770. The 2900 was 80nm, and that was a disaster. 40nm started out that way, but has since been corrected for higher clocks/lessleakage

Itll be the 2900 we hoped for if anything, not the one we ended up with


Feb 21, 2009
While I am excited as anyone for these DX11 cards that picture had me laughing. Seriously, here is our awesome exclusive image and we are going to cover 80% of it with our logo. Has Chiphell never heard of watermarks? Morons...

And with that being said, sign me up for a X2 version of the high end card, I am about due for a upgrade.


Jan 17, 2008
Price drops, that is what I am waiting on.
The 4870 and 4890 will be alot cheaper compared to when they came out and after a while when the price wars have settled, the new dx11 cards will start to drop a little as well. Or atleast settle.