Plastic Wrap and Worn Gold Pin Connectors...


Sep 22, 2009
I recently ordered a HD 7870 (Card on Newegg) from Newegg. Upon opening it, i found that the plastic film that covers the fan housing was torn in an area, and the film itself seemed as if it had been "improperly applied", with warps / bubbling present. I also noticed that the gold pin connectors seemed "worn" in patches.

It didn't seem to be the pin scratches you often see on gold pin connectors, it was more as if someone had rubbed areas of the connectors with a fine steel wool, wearing it through, or removing it's lustrous shine.

So, Three questions :

1. Would these connectors still function?

2. Has anyone heard of Newegg selling used / returned / refurbished items as "New"?

3. Would YOU personally RMA the card after reading the above?