Please help!


Dec 26, 2012
So I have a 550ti and the performance is horrible on some games, but on others it does fine. i dont know what the problem could be. i tried redownloading the games that wouldnt work from steam and that didnt do anything, and i dont think its the card, because i put it in a friends computer and it worked fine. what i think it might be is the PSU. My 12v rail is rated at 14 amps and the card requires 24 amps. Could this be the problem? it plays metro 2033 great, but i cant play saints row the third at lowest settings. So do i need to get a new psu, or is it a different problem?


i think your psu may be the problem as the amps are too low. get a decent psu from corsair or antec.
oh i completely missed the point that metro 2033 plays great while saints row doesnt. yeah saints row 3 for pc is a very unoptimised game that gives poor frame rates on all entry level cards . even my 7750 gets only 25 fps at medium settings