Question Please, is this fault for sure the monitor?


Dec 9, 2010
I have been working on the assumption that this fault is the monitor. (Image below.) Today I got an RMA to return my monitor.

Basically the image has a strip missing from the centre of the image. The strip of the image is displayed on the right hand side of image. It happens about once a month. I can make it go away by switching the monitor off and back on. (The issue is getting slowly worse, as the faulty strip is getting wider.)

I have checked that it's not the cable by buying a new cable, and the fault persists. The only other possible cause, could be the graphics card. When I bought this 1440p monitor, my graphics card was a GTX 980, and not powerful enough for higher settings in many games. Therefore soon after I bought the monitor, I bought a GTX 1080 Ti. I can't remember if the fault occurred with the GTX 980, (but I think so). Meaning the issue still could be the GTX 1080 Ti.

However I am convinced, it's the monitor. The fault goes away when the monitor is restarted. I think it's safe to assume the monitor is faulty. I could try running either another monitor, or my old GTX 980. It would mean that the fault would have to present in one month, which it might not anyway. I have a month to return this monitor, and that is why.

I generally leave the monitor powered on. It goes to sleep when the PC is off. Although I prefer and often turn off the monitor too. I wondered if the fault could be caused by leaving the monitor on.

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