Please review this water cooling loop and fill in the blanks


Nov 24, 2008
Ok, so I've read all the guides and such in the stickies, and here is what I came up with. This will be for a i7 920 on the EVGA Classified board. Plan to run this loop for shipset and cpu only, with a second for the graphics down the line.

Hoping to get around 4.0 Ghz with this while still being quieter than air.

Plan to run 1/2" tubing for the loop.

Is there a better water block for the CPU?

Not sure what to use for the liquid. Please recommend.

Not sure if I need the tubing I selected. Would prefer something that is uv blue, but want the benefit of anti-microbe from the silver tubing.

Do I need any fittings or anything? What do I use to attach the hoses to the barbs? Are compression fittings better? I'm willing to spend the money on them if someone can recommend any to me.

Getting 12 feet of tubing. Is that enough for this loop plus a second graphics card loop down the line?

Do I need the shroud? Looking for low noise solution here, so if it will help I will buy it.

Lastly, and most importantly(I think), is this creating a mixed metal loop? I think everything is copper but I see a lot of different materials in the items descriptions, so i'm not sure what is actually making contact with the water.


This is the case it is going in to, putting my old computer in there as well for web/db server:
Ascension - Duality (Mirror Black Powder Coat) - $$469.99

EK EVGA 3x SLI X58 Classified Full Board Cooling Block Kit - $139.95
Swiftech Apogee™ GTZ CPU Waterblock - 65.95

ThermoChill PA120.3 3x120mm High Performance Radiator - 15mm Spacing - 129.95
Laing DDC-3.2 (18W)/Swiftech MCP355 Inline 12V DC Pump
XSPC Laing DDC Top - $17.95
x2 Bitspower G1/4 Silver Shining 1/2 Fitting ID 12 MM - $4.00
Tygon® Silver Antimicrobial Tubing 3/8in. ID 1/2in. OD # AS600027
KwikCut Advance SL100SS Stainless Steel Tube Cutter - Orange - $14.95



Nov 20, 2007
I'll post this then ask you to move to OC Forums with the answers I'm giving you. Then ya can start again. You need to be on a real watercooling forum, not on Toms.

You aren't using 1/2 hose. Your using 3/8" ID, please be specific.
I think the 3/8" ID hose is too small myself.

The CPU block you chose is very good as is the pump, rad, and pump top.

Buy UV tubing, you don't need the Tygon silver. Get some primochill 7/16ID 5/8OD UV blue from Jab-Tech or wherever. 8' of tubing is enough, get 10' and you'll have enough to add a GPU later and have enough to cover fo any mistakes.

The BEST liquid is distilled water and Petras PHN nuke. Or ONE Ianh Silver Killcoil from Petras.

Compression fittings look better. Barbs with hoseclamps work just as well and are cheaper. Compression fittings are also fatter total OD and have trouble fitting in close proximity with another compression fitting. Many start with barbs and migrate to compression fitting on later builds as they get more knoledgabel of fitting them. I still use barbs. They are perfectly fine.

Just go barbs for your first build. Buy these: Dangerden FB (Fat Boy) G 1/4 Fittings - 1/2" Barb. Thats 1/2" OD and G1/4 threads. 7/16" ID hose fits well. Use worm gear hose clamps. If you can find the lined ones better, but not required.

Your RAD needs G3/8 thread barbs tho, not G1/4 thread, so pay attention to that, you'll need two for the rad, the rest of your rig is G1/4.

You didn't list a res. Did you mean to say the XSPC restop for your pump?
Your parts are copper, brass, nickle and chrome. No mixed metal issues there.

You don't need a tubing cutter, but they are nice.
^+1. Well said.

1. Ditch the full board cooling. It's a waste of money.

2. Why not get a MCP655

3. LOL? Why the tube cutter? It's a waste also. You can cut that with a Xacto knife (~$3-5 at Walmart,etc).

4. Run PT Nuke + Distilled water or PT Nuke + KillCoils. And, you DO NOT have a mixed metal loop in there, congratz.

5. Good choice on the rad and CPU block. No, the GTZ is the best. However, buy the GTZZ here and save some money:
$50 with i7 bracket. As for tubing, I use Tygon, screw every other tubing; I take functionality/performance above style.:p (Others may disagree with this :p )

6. Doubt you will need a shroud. As for fans, look in to Yate Loon and Scythe (mainly the SlipStreams).


Nov 20, 2007
Peeps actually are saying Primochill clouds less, bends better and is cheaper. And there is a BIG thread on XS about Primochill. Good readin'.

I use blue and red primo, was using Tygon Silver before. The Primo is very flexable and doesn't kink as much as Tygon does.

Can't go wrong with Tygon tho, it's a top performer.