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  1. Nick C.

    Question Headphones are randomly disconnecting ?

    Hello everyone, Recently my Razer Kraken Ultimate Headphones have begun randomly disconnecting. I have reinstalled razer synapse, which is known to cause issues, but it still persists. Nothing weird was done recently besides updating Windows and that's all. Can this be the cause? I also want...
  2. E

    Question New Laptop for VFX (Houdini and Unreal Engine) ?

    I need to start planning for a major laptop upgrade. Will be running Houdini and Unreal Engine. Has anyone used any laptop in the Razer lineup and can recommend a specific model?
  3. B

    Question Razer Blade 15 Advanced (2019 model) is micro-stuttering on battery power ?

    I bought a Razer Blade 15 Advanced on ebay a couple months ago and ive had this issue where when its unplugged, it microstutters all the time around every 15-20 seconds(this has been an issue since i bought it). It happens when im scrolling or watching youtube or doing anything at all. Ive gone...
  4. S

    Question Microphone goes extremely loud after muting/unmuting

    Not sure under which forum to post this so its here. Im having issues with my microphone being pretty quiet 90% of the time but sometimes it randomly goes extremely loud. I can replicate the problem a 100% of the time by muting on the headset and unmuting. The headset is Razer kraken 3.5mm...
  5. TriggeredTroll

    Question Lights + some keys not working properly on keyboard ?

    About 3 years ago I got the Razer BlackWidow Tournament Chroma Edition. I woke up the other morning and the lights, "tab" key and the "qwerty" keys stopped working. Here are some videos https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KyI4lOPivkFFlpft_bF6qwzbklDNpgcS/view?usp=drivesdk...
  6. Hungvo

    Question Ctrl TAB

    Hi Recently I have bought a razer keyboard (Huntsman V2), and am using synapse software, I cannot use Ctrl + Tab to switch tabs in the browser anymore (Microsoft Edge). But all the non-razer keyboard works. Any thoughts Thank you
  7. B

    Question Razer Naga Pro freezes on wireless mode, but not wired.

    I have tried to find a solution to this issue but I cannot seem to find anything that works. The mouse will freeze up randomly for about a second or two. This usually happens in games, but also happens when I am in the browser occasionally. This issue ONLY happens when wireless (Bluetooth and...
  8. Iver Hicarte

    Question Is there a gaming mouse that doesn't double click after years of usage?

    Greetings, I'm sure we PC gamers are familiar with the issue that most gaming mice experience, and that is double clicking after years of usage. Now I'm just looking for a new gaming mouse that will never ever have the double clicking issue in the long run (if possible), right now I have the...
  9. Jeff_120

    Question Best mouse under 50$ for photo/video editing?

    Hello I am searching for a corded mouse choice under 50$ for photo editing My hand is 20cm long RGB light is cool but not an absolute necessity Palm holding is preferred but I can somehow do claw too I am based in France (for the prices) I saw that the Razer Basilisk v3 is pretty good, but are...
  10. M

    Question Asus ROG Zephyrus M16 (2022) vs Razer Blade 15 (2021) ?

    I'm in the market for a new gaming laptop to get me through college, and I've narrowed it down to these two options. It seems to me like the main advantage of the M16 would be found in the DDR5 RAM, while the advantage of the Blade 15 would be the RTX 3070's superiority to the 3060. I'm not...
  11. OfficeWord

    Question Laptop UNBEARABLY slow when gaming ?

    Hey guys, I have a razer blade 2018 base model (i7-8750H, GTX 1060 Max-Q, 16GB DDR4, 256gb SSD + 2tb HDD) which used to run perfectly fine; i let it sit for quite a while and now opening it up it runs perfectly normally... until i open any game; in any game it is unbearable slow, not only in...
  12. TStahler

    [SOLVED] Which Naga Mouse is the best deal between the Naga X, Naga Trinity, or Naga Pro?

    [Moderator edit to break up one solid paragraph.] Trying to decide between the Naga Pro, Naga Trinity, and Naga X. I would use the mouse wired only so it being able to be used wireless doesn’t matter as I would be using this with my Digital Audio Workstation near other sensitive electronics...
  13. Aneesh_

    [SOLVED] Razer Tiamat 7.1 v2 Disconnecting Issue

    I bought this headset in 2020 and have faced a very annoying issue twice since. Whenever I connect the headset (5 aux ports and one USB port) it'll function for 3-5 seconds and then turn off completely. This issue started after I installed synapse and turned on RGB for the headset (which leads...
  14. zikmir

    [SOLVED] Which Chicklet keyboard to buy ?

    I have been using my Razer Deathstalker for about 10 years and finally the "A" key is broken. I tried to find the exact same one buy its a long discontinued model. I have done some research to find I have the following requirements: Must be chicklet keys (Flat keycaps) WITH low profile. Full...
  15. A

    Question Razer Ornata V2 light issues

    Hi I bought a Razer Ornata V2 today, when i turn off lightings, V and END keys are still lights up. https://prnt.sc/cTfZ0z4cB59B Do i need to refund the product ? I reseted keyboard and re-installed Razer Synapse and its same. Sorry if my words are screwed, my native language is not english :/
  16. L

    [SOLVED] Can i use a Razer Wireless Mousepad Charger for my Logitech G502

    I want to buy a Razer Firefly V2 but i also want to use teh Logitech G502 with it. Will they work together?
  17. KaiserPhantasma

    Question Crowdsourcing a Gaming Mouse for me ?

    Hello all I am curious what other gaming mice/s you can suggest for me the gaming mice must be: ergonomic (recently developed some sort of pain on my right trigger finger hence this is priority one) "big" wired gaming mice one or two extra buttons on the mice RGB capable with 2 lighting...
  18. Ryagoft

    Question Mouse and keyboard stop working after some time.

    Greetings, I'm trying to fix this issue where both my mouse and keyboard disconnect randomly after some time (can be 10 minutes up to a few yours). My mouse is the Razer Viper mini and my keyboard the ducky one 2 mini. Strangely somehow when this happens both the keyboard and mouse still light...
  19. Computanoob

    Should i return my razer for a g15?

    I recently was bait and switched by the Microsoft store for a Blade 15 advanced with a 3070 10875h 16gb 2933and 1080p*. It was supposed to be Oled, 64 gb 3200 ram ( the cpu only supports 2933). It was 1800 Right now the Zephyrus g15 is 1550. Do you think I should return it for the g15...
  20. Zangyfish

    [SOLVED] Are the Razer Kunai aRBG fans compatible with the asus tuf b360-plus gaming motherboard?

    Hi, I know a little about computers, but I want to replace some parts on my current PC, and was wondering if the Razer Kunai RBG fans would be compatible with my motherboard (asus tuf b360-plus gaming). Im also thinking about getting the Razer Tomahawk PC case too, so if that's compatible it'd...
  21. Eli_W

    [SOLVED] What is the best PC for gaming AND work?

    I need a new laptop for work and studying. I would also like one that can run most games well, except for the most demanding games such as Red Dead Redemption 2. Which laptops come to your mind?
  22. bunnii

    Question Media lags when headset is connected ?

    For the past year or so whenever I connect my headset (Razer Kraken Kitty Chroma) to my PC and try to watch YouTube or Netflix and such, every few seconds the video freezes and the audio lags. I can listen to music and games and play games just fine. I can watch stuff through the monitor...
  23. ethan206

    [SOLVED] Terrible Battery Life On Razer Blade 14

    I purchased a Razer Blade 14 (Base Model w/RTX 3060) about a month ago and I've noticed the battery life is surprisingly horrible. Now, I know gaming laptops aren't meant to have good battery life in the first place but comparing my numbers to Razer's numbers on their website (and yea, i know...
  24. Z

    [SOLVED] Razer Blade Stealth 13 has a strange disk partition

    Hello everyone! I have a Razer Blade Stealth 13. While checking its Disk Management, I noticed a strange, no name disk partition that holds 15GB of the main disk. Image: https://ibb.co/Qpv4hx0 My Questions are: - Is the partition safe to delete so I could get that 15GB? - If the answer for...
  25. ethan206

    Question Games locked at 60FPS on 144Hz display ?

    Hi, I recently just purchased a Razer Blade 14 2021 (RTX 3060 Base Model) and I noticed that it runs at 144Hz, but in games, it's capped at 60. Like, whenever I enter a game, it automatically goes into Windows settings and changes the display refresh rate from 144 to 60 and doesn't change back...
  26. BoerDirk

    Question Microphone very low volume

    So I have a problem with my Razer kraken headset where the volume of the microphone is very low, even on maximum settings it is so quiet you can't even make out what I'm saying. I have tried reinstalling the devices, the drivers of the devices, reinstalled razer synapse but nothing seems to...
  27. B

    [SOLVED] Razer huntsman V2 analog Ghosting/WASD locking up mid game

    hey a few months ago i bought the Razer Huntsman V2 Analog keyboard. i currently have it plugged into the Type C port on the back of my motherboard. at first i was loving the keyboard and everything seemed fine then only a couple days into using it i was playing halo and while i was holding W...
  28. R

    [SOLVED] Looking for a Gaming Mouse that has Bluetooth, 2.4Ghz Capability, and can preferably be charged ?

    Looking for a Gaming Mouse that has Bluetooth, 2.4Ghz Capability, and can preferably be charged (if not possible, then AAA/AA battery will do fine I guess.) I have a gaming computer with a 4 year old Steel Series Rival 300 wired mouse, kinda getting tired of the restrict-y feeling even though I...
  29. A

    Question WD Blue SN550 wont properly wake from sleep inside a Razer Blade advanced

    I recently got a new Razer Blade Advanced 2019 (RZ09-03017) and decided to upgrade it's storage. I decided to go with a WD Blue 2tb NVME ssd (SN550). Everything worked exactly as expected, except the sleep mode. Whenever it wakes from sleep, the screen will randomly go black for about half a...
  30. ioannis2015v

    [SOLVED] Razer Seiren Mini vs Kraken Ultimate

    Hello, I would like to ask 2 things related to the title, I would appreciate any responds, especially if you have the Seiren Mini, but again even if not, I would appreciate any help given. So, first of all, right now I am using the Razer Kraken Ultimate headset and its microphone which has...
  31. S

    Question Mouse switches impression of the community (CN Omron, JAP Omron, Huano, Kailh)

    So, us gamers who've been around many different mouse models spanning from logitech, to cougar, to zowie to razer have faced one problem. The dreaded double clicks. We know that the Chinese Omron with the prefix D2FC are the biggest culprit for which Zowie switched form them to move to Huano...
  32. mymercedesisntfast

    [SOLVED] Razer Blackwidow Blue switch Keyboard isn't as "clicky" as my Outemu Blue switch keyboard?

    So i've had this razer keyboard for a while, the keyboard itself is old and i bought it for cheap. View: https://youtu.be/9pYmZmLnzW0 My Question is : 1.Is the cliking sound sounds normal for a blue switch? because it sounds less "clicky" than outemus. 2.Do i need to replace the switches...
  33. L

    Question Help! USB device preventing Windows from booting ?

    Please help! I am very frustrated with this problem: I bought a new mouse(Razer Basilisk Ultimate) and when it is plugged in and i turn on the computer, it will go into a boot loop or get stuck at the POST screen and not boot to Windows. I wont be able to push anything to enter BIOS either...
  34. Woody24

    [SOLVED] Headphone wire replacement

    Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. This is my first post on this forum, I apologize if this isn't the correct category for this question. The wire of my Razer Kraken 7.1 v2 has been playing up and I have identified the exact fault of the cable is right next to the earcup itself...
  35. K

    [SOLVED] Razer Synapse 3.0 not detecting keyboard

    HI, I am clueless how to fix my black widow chroma not showing up in razer synapse 3.0 I tried; -Reinstalling drivers Reinstalling razer reinstalling razer and drivers deliting drivers and restarting then plugging it in again regesitry deleting usb universal usb deleting updating driver...
  36. aerski

    Question Typing with Analog Optical switches?

    I pulled the trigger on the Huntsman Elite V2 Analog today, so far it's been extremely confusing. The keyboard has an option to customize the keys and make them joystick/analog, which makes you walk slow and run fast depending on how much pressure you exert on that key.. my only issue is, when...
  37. NilMeh

    [SOLVED] Which Headset is better?

    Hello, I have a question. Which of the three headsets would you recommend: The Razer Blackshark V2X or the HyperX Cloud Alpha or the SteelSeries Arctis 3? Would really appreciate your advice.
  38. K

    [SOLVED] Razer kraken quartz headeset low audio quality

    Hey So i recently got the razer kraken quartz headset to use both at my pc and as headphones when i go out. For a reason i have yet to discover the quality of the sound both when connected to my pc and when conected to my phone is very low. It sound somewhat muffeled. I have found things...
  39. G

    Looking to buy a gaming laptop that is also good for datascience

    Hello, I'm looking for a gaming laptop that meets the following: Budget: $1,800 GPU: 2070 or better CPU: 10th gen intel I7 or equivalent AMD Monitor: minimum 144hz ideally greater than 1080p and 15" SSD: 512 GB Ram: 16 GB and upgradable to 32 GB. Good thermals: I do not want to have to...
  40. Sujyrokimora

    [SOLVED] Cynosa V2 f keys problem

    Just bought a new keyboard razer cynosa V2 and some how when i was doing the config the f keys stopped working Pls help