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hi,may system has very bad and unusuall error . when we turn on it , write bios rom checksum error.what is it ? why this error happend?? plz help me . I read the moderboard book(SL-75MRN),the company said that when error occur u should download "AWDFLASH.exe" to updates bios but problem are 2 : the first one is the links are not correct . . . the second prob is my operating system isnt load , it means that it doesnt allow me to go to setup location and change bootable.this error occure before POST , ok? I hope u understand my prob . . . now plz send to me the solution , and the correct and exact link to upload it into fdd disk to boot automatically . thanks for ur helps.


Feb 16, 2009
That doesn't sound good...


The read-only memory (ROM) containing the BIOS program is protected by a checksum value as a double-check that the ROM code is correct. This checksum is compared against the values in the ROM each time the PC is booted and if there is a mismatch, this code is generated.

The BIOS ROM chip on the motherboard is probably faulty. It could also be another component on the motherboard.

check this site for some troubleshooting tips