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  1. Colif

    How To Identify what Device a Driver is used by

    There are plenty of guides out there showing how to find a driver for a device, but what if you have a driver running and don't know what its associated with Download and run Driverview - All it does is looks at drivers installed; it won't install...
  2. TheFlash1300

    Question How do i check the number of write/erase cycles my USB flash drive has?

    Is there a way to check the number of write/erase cycles my USB flash drive has, and the health of the USB flash drive? Is there a way to see the S.M.A.R.T status of the USB flash drive? With CrystalDisk, you can see the health of your SSD/HDD. Is there a software like CrystalDisk, but for USB...
  3. B

    [SOLVED] My M.2 is showing on devices but not showing it on Disk Management please help

    My M.2 doesn't seem to work on my pc I have a 250gb SSD for my windows , 1tb HDD for storage and was planning on using the 1tb ssd for extra storage. It shows in Devices but nothing in storage or disk management for me to create a partition for... Its really annoying and cant find anything in...
  4. Trophyon

    [SOLVED] Sound devices are killing me,,,

    Hello! I'm using W10 64. I have an Asus Z170i- Pro Gaming motherboard All drivers are updated (Realtek etc,) I use a Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd gen for my two monitors and the jack infront of the Scarlett for my ATH M50X's I also have a AntLion ModMic (Jack) thats plugged into the...
  5. C

    [SOLVED] Which Cisco device is best

    Which Cisco device is helpful for monitoring the employee performance on daily basis.
  6. C

    [SOLVED] Is D- linking Device is helpful for the Business?

    I am Little confuse about the ciso Device and routers. Can anyone help to sovle my issue regarding cisco devices? Which deive or routers is best for internect connectivity without any internet connections. And also tell me about the extension or ports when my business is grow. then i want to...
  7. L

    [SOLVED] Printer Not Working On Windows 10 PC?

    Hi there, I have a Brother HL-3710CDW and have had it hooked up to my PC for a while now and have never had an issue. I went to print something from google chrome under an email account for my school and it wouldn't let me saying something about the file type ( I apologize for forgetting exactly...
  8. E

    [SOLVED] 2 Windows Devices, 1 Audio Output. HELP!

    So I have 2 Windows Devices that I use simultaneously and I have one Asus Strix 7.1 Headphone. How can i connect that to both of those devices? or one at the time without disconnecting it? {OS = Windows 10] - - - added by Moderator
  9. deuteronmail

    Question laptop wont boot if i dont remove and plug in again the SSD then directly the AC adapter

    i run on windows 10 . i tried installing OS from scratch multiple times, using different versions of Battery and SDD drivers,from manufacters website or just Driver Booster IO ....nothing left to me and i cant figure the solution. It requires me each time( remove battery and AC Adapter then...
  10. velocci

    Question wifi router that can handle alot of devices

    Hi all, I'm looking for a wifi router that can handle a lot of wireless and wired devices. I have about 10 wired devices and 12 wireless devices. I also want a lot of speed. Can someone recommend a good router for $300 or less Canadian? Also, if a wifi router has 4 network ports, does that...
  11. aGoodOldRub

    Question If same price 2600x or 2700 ? sorry for this title

    I am just gonna play games and I found a deal where I can get the 2700 for the same price as 2600x I mean kinda. I can get 2600x with b450 gaming plus asus MOBO or 2700 with msi a pro mobo. I don't think motherboard brand difference make a big difference ? I would like to spend no more than 50...
  12. pirx_the_pilot

    Question PSU shuts down with a click within half a second after turning on

    Hello good people. I'd really appreciate your assistance with my issue. The story: I built a new PC (all parts brand new), it was running fine for a few hours, and then shut down unexpectedly and wouldn't start any more. Upon pressing the power button it would either not react at all or turn on...
  13. H

    [SOLVED] Aftermarket Cooling on RX580

    Hi, so I wanna change the stock cooler on my RX580, its a RX-580P8DFWR, and I was considering buying the Arctic Accelero Xtreme IV, I am aware that the cooler supports the RX580, but I wanna make sure I dont have a custom PCB, or any other thing that can make a problem, thanks for your time...
  14. J

    Question Second Default Audio Device - How to Set

    I am curious to know if there is a way to set a primary default audio device in Windows 10, followed by a secondary. I would like my Bluetooth Sony Soundbar to be my primary default, but to have Windows 10 know that when I turn on my Arctis Pro Wireless headphones, that I want to use those, and...
  15. A

    Any experience on TXRUI products?

    hi Anyone bought any product (RAM, CPU, etc) from this company? Seems a new one, any experience on its quality? Thx
  16. Metrospectia

    Question Dell Latitude e6410 automatically turns off when a hard drive is inserted.

    I dissembled my laptop about an hour ago. I took unscrewed the cooler and re-seated the CPU. After I was done I re-screwed everything and started the laptop without the hard drive. But then when I put the hard drive in and press the power button it lights up along with the keyboard lights and...
  17. Violett

    [SOLVED] Wich type of towel is adequate to clear thermal compound already applied ?

    Hello guys. I want to swap my I9 9900k CPU, wich is already installed in the socket with an stock air cooler, ( the system is brand new), to another motherboard. The question is wich is the best type of towel adequate for clear the thermal compound ? I saw on the Internet that the most type of...
  18. D

    Question Why does my Galaxy S9 show that I'm on a 5Ge network?

    Someone on the internet said that my phone doesn't have the right antenna for 5G. But at the top it says 5G. I have AT&T.
  19. W

    Question I7 3770 with rx 590 or 1660 ti?

    So i want to play games on 1080p/60hz , I currently have 1050 Ti which is not strong enough for 1080p I saw some review that say i7 3770 will bottleneck the 1660 Ti , so will i better pick rx 590 instead?
  20. Sowreen

    [SOLVED] Can motherboard affect monitor hz?

    Hi. I bought GIGABYTE X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING motherboard and on the specification tab there is a line stating: "1 x HDMI port, supporting a maximum resolution of 4096x2160@60 Hz* ". This mean I can't play on 144Hz refresh rate on 4k resolution but will I be able to run Full HD resolution on 144 Hz?
  21. F

    [SOLVED] VRMs get really hot even with VRM heatsinks any other way of cooling them?

    So my VRMs get really hot during gaming. I used a multimeter as my motherboard (Asus M5A78l-M Plus) doesn't have onboard VRM temperature sensors I launched Cinebench R15 Extreme and put my multimeter temperature diode, the highest temperature I reached was 90 celsius. Also keep in mind that I...
  22. M

    Question CPU ez debug light

    I just recently bought and installed an MSI Z370 Pro with a new CPU and RAM (i5-8600k and 16gb of Corsair Vengence). When I first turned it on, the fans would spin but the ez debug light for the CPU was on. I forgot to plug in the CPU power (ikr) so I plugged that in and now the fans won’t even...
  23. S

    Question How to run my CPU on max boost speed?

    I have i7-7700hq, base:2800 MHz, Boost: 3800 MHz. My CPU runs at 3410 MHz, rarely reach 3610 MHz. I'm using Ultimate performance power plan. Temperatures are around 70C.
  24. X

    Question Long POST process - - code 92 on MSI 970FXA

    Hey there guys. So as of recently I have noticed that when either rebooting my pc or booting from cold, the post process is taking a rather long time (3-4 minutes avg). Post Code 92 hangs the longest and then goes through the remainder of codes then windows loads at what would be a normal speed...
  25. A

    [SOLVED] upgrade advice wanted

    Hi All, As its been a few years I think its time for an upgrade, mainly MMO Gaming + Photoshop ( image merging, panoramic merging etc). I tend to find the only time my current system struggles is when using image rendering softwere for image merges etc.. Below is my current hardware setup...
  26. H

    Question Small Question Between Ram Choices

    In my region (HK) on Newegg, there are two choices of ram I can choose from and want an opinion on which one I should go with. The first one is the GeIL EVO SPEAR 16GB (2 x 8GB): The second one is the G.SKILL Aegis 8GB (I would get two of these):
  27. erik62905

    Question Purchasing A Laptop For Myself For High-School Under $600

    So I am going to high-school next year and need to get a laptop. I'm not new to computers and have searched for a while. I was debating between an i5 8250U and a Ryzen 5 2500U. I originally settled on the R5 because it has Vega 8 graphics but I couldn't find a laptop in that price range (Under...
  28. D

    Question Graphic tablet out of screen

    Hello everyone. I've recently bought a drawing tablet (Trust Streamline) and ran into a problem. The drawing area of the tablet is running out of the screen. As in I can only use about half of it before the "mouse" icon disapears in the right side, almost as the surface is too big for the...
  29. P

    [SOLVED] best case black fans (non RGB) for a budget?

    Hi I'm building a pc for $510 and i'm new to pc building so it is hard for me to find good case fans for a low price (I need 5 case fans) that are 120mm and are from a known, trusted brand, offer reasonable airflow and wont die in like 6 months. Does anyone know any good models? Any help would...
  30. M

    Question Want to upgrade the psu on a lenovo m92p in order to use an rx 570, 580, or a 1060

    Edit: I'm stupid, and the 8 pin was for sata power Hi, so, I have a lenovo thinkcentre m92p with a 280 watt psu and I want to upgrade it to a 450 or 500 watt. The mobo has a 14 pin, an 8 pin, and a 4 pin for the psu. Does the 8 pin need to be plugged in? What is it? I've found adapters that are...
  31. L

    [SOLVED] X370/X470/B350/B450 for 1600X OC and 3200 RAM

    I'm thinking about buying a mobo for 1600X oc. I plan on buying an 8-core Ryzen 3 CPU when it comes out so it needs to have good oc capabilities. It also needs to support 3200MHz RAM. Which motherboard has the best VRMs? Budget around 150 USD.
  32. T

    [SOLVED] Installing a M.2 SSD but keeping the HDD for storage

    I bought a M.2 SSD that I want to install on my laptop and use as the primary drive. I want to keep my HDD for storage. I have researching on how to do this and I think it should be pretty easy but I am confused on what to do about the windows I have currently installed on the HDD. I don't...
  33. C

    Question 100% CPU 5% GPU

    While playing Battlefield V I get almost 0 GPU usage and my CPU is maxed. 17-8700k EVGA GTX 1080ti FTW 16gigs Corsair Vengeance 3000 ASUS Z370-h I have searched threads and have not found an answer that seems applicable. Thanks in advanced for any help!
  34. C

    Question Windows 10 not using GPU properly

    So I just upgraded to windows 10 today, the install worked fine but I found when I opened TW Warhammer 2, BF5 and a few other games they would either crash on launch, or shortly after in the menus. After some troubleshooting, I found that disabling my graphics card causes all these games to...
  35. T

    Question Microsoft Office 365 office365 Excel: setting up notification when an entry is made

    Hi All hoping someone can help and that this is the right place for my question, I am trying to setup a document via onedrive and sharing it with multiple people for multi user collaboration. The thing is i would like there to be some type of notification so when a user fills out the excel...
  36. perdboy

    [SOLVED] Is the Asus B450 f gaming compatible with the Intel 660p 512gb ssd?

    I was hoping to get an ssd and I was going to pick up the Intel 660p 512gb. Is this compatible with the Asus B450 f gaming motherboard and Ryzen 5 2600 cpu? Im on a budget and this seems like a good price for $73
  37. B

    [SOLVED] slow internet

    I have broadband plan with telephone for which the promised speed is 20mbps till 1000GB, so it was working fine till last week when speed dropped down to 2mbps or below, usually in speed test the results would be around 10-11mbps, so i complained they sent their lineman, who after looking at...
  38. M

    Question Antimalware service executable dafuq is this????
  39. M

    Question Need some advice on a GTX 970 upgrade

    hi Tom's Hardware community! i come to you with a bit of a dilema. so i recently bought a GTX 1060 6gb for 150 dollars (i know, not the best of deals but that's one of the cheapest i could find in my country) to make a pc build and flip it for profit. in my main rig i have a GTX 970 and i was...