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    [SOLVED] GPU suspectly dead but fan still spinning?

    OK, so this is weird, or maybe not, you tell me. My computer started rebooting when I was playing Destiny 2, not rightaway but after playing a while. Today I tried playing Battlefield V twice, both times computer rebooted right after the game started. So I figured an overheat or maybe a power...
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    [SOLVED] T5500 GPU Upgrade

    I was going to upgrade my GPU in my t5500 workstation. The GPU upgrade I want is a Sapphire RX 570 Nitro+ 4gb My only problems were if my PC was compatible at all or if the GPU will even fit. After researching myself i found the PC is compatible although i am a bit worried about the fit. I...
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    [SOLVED] I need help picking a cheap update

    I currently have a amd fx 8350 and I want to upgrade it. I know that I can’t upgrade the cpu at all that much because of the socket (am3+). I have wanted to go to ryzen but that only supports ddr4 and I want to keep my ram so do you know what motherboard and cpu I should get for a budget build...
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    [SOLVED] PSU recommendation for RX 580 + Ryzen 5 2600

    Hi guys! I'm having an issue with my build. I can't decide on which PSU should I get for first custom build: - Mother GA-A320M-S2H - Ryzen 5 2600 3.9GHz + Wraith Stealth Cooler - 1x16GB 3000 Corsair Vengeance LPX Black - SSD 120GB WD M.2 Green Serie Gen3 6Gb/s - 2GB 7200RPM WD Caviar Blue -...
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    I need a new motherboard with 7 fan slots

    I built my PC in 2012 and recently I bought a Corsair 570x. My asus PZ68 Delux-Gen 3 I believe only has 4 slots. here are the full specs Processor: intel core i7-2600k CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 Installed RAM. 16.0 GB DDR3 ( 4 slots on MB with 4 ram cards ) Windows 10 current MB- P8Z68 DELUXE/GEN3 So...
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    [SOLVED] Motherboard missing psu pins

    Hello there everyone! Yesterday I found out that my prebuilt PC's motherboard, a Fujitsu D3222-A12, has 2 psu ports. An 18-pin one, and a 24-pin one. My psu is already connected to the 18-pin port, but there is no port on where it should be for the 24-pins. Just a black spot with 24 silver dots...
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    [SOLVED] i9 7900x processor

    Can i put i9 7900x in acer predator helios 500
  8. C

    [SOLVED] Help with Sylvania SP333DG Charger

    I recently got a Sylvania SP333 Bluetooth speaker that worked fantastically! However, it got knocked over while plugged in, breaking the USB charging connections. I attempted to fix this by soldering the connections back in place, but I made the mistake of making this my first soldering...
  9. A

    Dual monitor issue - 2nd monitor "out of range"

    I’m trying to do a dual monitor setup for my PC using a 4K TV and a 720p monitor (at least I think it’s a 720p). The Operating System is Windows 10 Pro. The graphics card being used is an Asus Nvidia GT 710 2Gb (bought just days ago). The connection for the main monitor (the 4K TV) is HDMI...
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    [SOLVED] Constant blue screen of death errors.

    It seems like after a few hours of logging onto my computer I get a lot of blue screen of death issue. I am unsure what is causing the issue but this mainly happens when I am playing a game or browsing the web. So far in 2019 I have had: System Service Exception Win32.sys Security Check Failure...
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    [SOLVED] Installing Windows 10 With no display

    Hi, I've just built a fresh build and I can't use my gpu without drivers I think, I have Asus prime 299-a gtx 1030 and no windows installed dunno what to do. Does my mono already have the drivers? Can I install Windows 10 without a display and surely Windows 10 will have the drivers?
  12. R

    [SOLVED] help for solution

    I get on mij acer aspire S13 the error message BInitializelibrary failed 0xc0000bb. Who has a solution?
  13. V

    How can I tell if my Alcatel phone by metro PC's is being tracked?

    I have a non activated phone and I noticed the imei av number has been changed from 15 digits to only 2 digits. Also the phone number is linked to my activated phone. Am I being tracked? I have been finding weird things in my Google chrome history that I never looked up also. Talking about...
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    [SOLVED] Second RAM Bar

    Hey guys, today i have bought a second RAM Bar. Its the exact same one as my first one. Can I just put it in the RAM Slot on my Mainboard with the same color to get Dual Chanel or Do i have to Do anything Else to make it work?
  15. G

    [SOLVED] tp-link pcie gigabit ethernet adapter slow speed

    Just got 1 gig fios. None of my devices support speed over 400 mbps. Got this tplink pcie adapter but my mainboard only has pcie 2.0 ports. Do I need pcie3 port for 1 gig speed? thanks for reply.
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    [SOLVED] Very low fps in games

    I've been dealing with this problem for months now. So i`m playing PUBG i get 70-90 fps on high and every 30 sec my fps drops to 30 or below this lasts like 10-15 seconds and then its back again at 70-90.This happens in most of the games, I just finished playing a game of LOL where i started...
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    [SOLVED] VS550 CORSAIR need help

    My system specs is Ryzen 3 2200g B450 gigabyte 2x 8gb Hyper X 2666mhz 1ssd 128gb 1hdd 500gb wd blue 1 24 inches 1080p hd monitor 1 gaming keyboard and mouse and headset 5 kingbao 120mm red led fan Is my vs550 enough?
  18. icedog

    Optimum setup for gamer pc

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could spare a moment to take a look at these components. Do these pc gaming components fit well together? CPU: amd ryzen 2600 GPU: XFX Radeon RX 580 GTS - XXX Edition Radeon RX 580 - 8 GB GDDR5 SSD: Kingston SSDNow A400 Solid state drive - 480 GB RAM...
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    [SOLVED] Maximus XI Hero Wifi and Evo 970 M.2 driver issue

    Hi all, I am brand new to this whole building a computer thing and may have gotten a little over my comfort zone. I successfully built my first PC from the ground up and I was excited to use an M.2 NVME drive for my OS. Currently, I have Windows 10 loaded onto the M.2 and for whatever reason I...
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    Question Ethernet Connection Problem

    I can't connect my Windows Vista laptop to the internet with a ethernet cord.
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    [SOLVED] Can you backfeed Ethernet from router to all Ethernet ports in the house

    Just moved into a new home and the previous lease-holders had CAT 5e ran through the house to newley installed Ethernet ports in each room. Now, our wireless signal downstairs is phenomenal, yet as soon as you go upstairs it dies out drastically. I’m trying to find a way to solve this without...
  22. V

    windows on ssd vs hdd?

    it is worth to get an ssd to install windows on it? and keep my hdd for games and movies etc? i heard windows on ssd is way,way faster
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    [SOLVED] (2) 140mm exhaust fans and (3) 120mm intake is it good airflow ?

    Hi I have NZXT H700i case and it has built-in 3 120mm intake fans in the front and 1 140mm exhaust in the rear I bought 2 extra 140mm noctua nf-a14 PWM chromax and i placed it on the top as exhaust But i did more research and some says that more intake is best for cooling and some says vice...
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    What is this cable in my motherboard?

    Hello, i have a prebuilt system that i bought 2 years ago back when i was in a complete noob. I brought the system to a pretty good working condition and i am saving money right now to build my own rig next christmas. So in my MB under the GPU near the CMOS there is this weird cable. First i...
  25. H

    No feed to monitor

    Just out this unit together on an asus TUF Z270 MK 2 M board i7 cup. GeForce GTX 690 card. All starts and makes the right notices. But l can't get the monitor to work. Dram led continuous orange.
  26. U

    [SOLVED] Z87-G45 - CPU Core Voltage + 0.030 V

    Hi all, today I decided to overclock my Intel i7 4770K. I managed to get 4.2GHz by setting the CPU Core Voltage to 1.270V. However, CPU-Z and HWMonitor are showing me 1.300V. I checked out a few settings and I found out, that those programs always show 0.030V more than the setting I saved in...
  27. T

    Ryzen 5 1400 rx580 4gb vs ryzen 5 2400g gtx 1060 3gb

    I want to buy a prebuilt pc. So which will be better for gaming: the ryzen 5 2400g with gtx 1060 3gb or the ryzen 5 1400 with the rx 580 4gb
  28. E

    [SOLVED] i7-8700 (no k) is bottlenecking a 2080 (no ti)?

    I have a lot of fps drops and 55-80 unestable framerate. I play in 2k. I dont know whats happening but bottleneck is probably the problem? Specs: i7 8700 RTX 2080 16GB DDR4 Ram 650w psu
  29. J

    [SOLVED] Hypert4-Cooler Master is enough for i7 4790

    I want a cpu cooler for my i7 4790, so is this cooler enough for my cpu? (i dont want overclocking btw) At what temperatures would my cpu keep this cooler master? I dont have much money for an exensive cooler. Cooler: Sorry for my bad...
  30. P

    new cpu freezes during post screen

    hello sorry if this is in the wrong place or a repeated question i did google around but i cant find anything helpful. I am currently trying to upgrade my cpu to a q8300 but my system freezes on the post screen right at "memory check ok" putting my old cpu in has the pc run perfect again...
  31. K

    [SOLVED] i just want a pc desktop no keybord or mouse

    i want a good gaming pc something with a GTX1060 6GB and a six-core i5 how much would that cost for you to build
  32. K

    [SOLVED] Looking to upgrade to a real monitor from a tv

    After finally getting my build up to speed I have finally decided to not use a small tv for a monitor as it randomly turns off in the middle of gaming. I am looking for 1080p but not sure if I should shell out the extra money for a 144hz monitor instead of a 75hz monitor. Here are the monitors...
  33. B

    new monitor displays win7 boot screen but goes to no input after windows login screen loads

    I bought a BENQ EW3270U 4K monitor, (plugged it in at the store to test if it worked), boxed it up etc. got home, there was no HDMI cable even though the clerk said there was. Luckily i had one laying around and used that for the time being. So I don't know if there was one and it wasn't put...
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    [SOLVED] Search Bar Black/grey box and in windows search bar it's doing this I don't know how to get rid of it and it's pissing me off so much I don't know why please someone help me get rid of it I fixed it. I have to go to cursor settings and change the thickness
  35. S

    Running very slow

    330s-15ikb laptop (ideapad) - type 81f5 It is very slow what to do Please help. I bought it before 4 days ,
  36. K

    Where to get windows CD with Licence

    Answer ME ASAP
  37. L

    Search engine malware

    I had malware take over my Chrome search engine "weknow" - the video is for windows users - I am on a macOS and don't use windows.... does anyone have advice?
  38. D

    AOL account was hacked

    I woke up this morning to check my email on my phone. It said my password had been changed but I didnt think much of it. Later I went and saw that my recovery email, phone number and password had been changed. I deleted everything that was added and changed my password. for some reason I only...
  39. G

    Laptop HP ENVY x360

    I need to insert letters in a word. How does the 'ins' work, which keys besides the "ins" key do I need to press?
  40. B

    Overclock 2400mhz ram?

    gonna get a new board that allows overclocking, should I keep my 2400mhz ram and try to overclock it? Or buy new 3200 ram?