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    Question MSI B450 Extreme System (not CPU) Temps - New Build

    Hi Just putting together a new p.c. Assembled without issue and powered up but when I entered the BIOS settings (prior to installing windows) I noticed that the SYSTEM temp reading was rocketing to 85c plus (and shutting down as a consequence) To be clear the CPU temp was fine (sat at 24c/25c)...
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    Question Can't login to my router

    I've been having very bad network issues for the past few weeks with gaming (Low ping, but still very bad rubberbanding) So I am trying to look through my router settings but have tried numerous ip's, but all of them take me to the same 'took too long to respond' page. This is the information...
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    Question 2nd monitor isn't being detected HDMI to DP

    I recently bought a 2nd monitor for my pc, a BenQ RL2455 which is the same as my primary one. I'm trying to connect both to my GPU, which is an RTX 2060, but the problem is that the 2060 has 3 DP ports and 1 HDMI port. I connected one monitor to the HDMI, and the other one with an HDMI to DP...
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    Question Motherboard messing up?

    Have I done something wrong or is it broken. I got a Asus M5A78L-M with a AMD 8350k and every time It boots up their's a problem where it either will not display to the monitor and will show"no signal" and the restart won't work so I have to turn off the computer by the power supply. I fix this...
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    Why was my thread closed? i don't know how and why but now my thread won't get further answers and i still don't know what seems to be the problem.
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    Question Installing

    I have two computers. One has windows 7 and the other one was having some issues with windows 10. Anyways I want install windows 10 on a blank hard drive with the window 7 pc. If i do this does this affect the computer even if i put back the hard drive with windows 7 on it.
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    [SOLVED] Will a passively cooled gt 1030 not over-heat in a Dell Optiplex 790 DT?

    I want to buy a new gpu, and im looking at the gt 1030 since its the only one in my price range, and i cant afford the fan cooled one because of what country im in. Will it be cooled well enough?
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    Question RTX 2080 GPU Overclock, did I ruin my GPU?

    Good day, Firstly I'll tell you my components: GPU: RTX 2080 MSI Trio & PSU: Corsair RMx Series RM750x 750W Yesterday, a friend came over and told me that my GPU can be overclocked easily to its maximum settings. So we opened Asus GPU Tweak II, and he pushed the core clock up to 2360MHz (...
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    Question Since upgrading to NVMe SSD, frequent system failures (BSOD), long wake-up from hibernation

    Hi, I previously ran my computer with Windows 7 on a 240 GB Sandisk SSD Plus in SATA, with an Intel i7 6700K CPU, Asus Maximus Hero VIII and 4x4GB of RAM ; it worked generally fine, and I made extensive use of the hibernation function, usually not doing a full reboot for weeks or even months. A...
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    Question How connect a Liquid Cooling to mother-board's fan plug?

    Hello! im noob in liquid cooling. I just get a Cooler Máster 240 L RGB, this has two fan connector, one from the radiator an another one from the pump. I dont know how connect each one, which should be connected to CPU_fan and wich one with the Sys_Fan? I'm reading that the radiator should be...
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    Question How much could I sell my pc for? All parts a year old, not much use, all boxes ect
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    Question USD card reader?

    My DELL laptop has USD card reader (not USB). I think it is for SD cards. I tried to search information about it but couldn't find anything. Does some one know something about that?
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    Question Dell Precision T3500 Raid Controller

    Basically just looking to use my SATA II drives at closer to SATA III speeds. Looking at the LSI MegaRAID SAS 9265 or smaller memory 9260→ Any ideas or experience with these controllers? Thanks, Frank
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    Question What do I get the most value from?

    Hello. I've been looking at some different used graphic cards and found a few that is in my price range. Basically wondering which one I should buy. GTX 1060 6GB Dual - 173$ MSI Radeon RX 480 8GB Gaming X - 115$ Sapphire Radeon RX 580 Pulse 8GB - 173$ MSI Radeon R9 290X - 127$ Thank you
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    Question solved

    turns out i need to find a gpu that is supported by the G5 build to connect to as monitor
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    Question Having troubles running Apex Legends with beef(ier) laptop

    Hey all, title is pretty self explanatory. I have a more powerful laptop and am having troubles reaching 60 FPS on Apex Legends. I'm fairly stumped. My laptop OS: Windows 10 64 bit CPU: Intel Core 17-7700HQ Ram: 8GB GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 GPU RAM: 2GB Harddrive: 735 GB free on drive its...
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    First PC build

    Hey guys im looking to build my first pc specifically for gaming and streaming and im looking to build a ryzen 5 2600x with a 1070 ti gpu. Any thoughts?
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    [SOLVED] I7 4790 59 celsius at bios

    I got a used i7 4790 running on stock cooler and a gigabyte b85m motherboard. It was running at 64 celsius before so I reapplied thermal paste. After it booted, it went to 47 to and gradually increased and now stable at 59. Ambient temp is at 26-29 give or take. I noticed that after pressing the...
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    [SOLVED] Monitor for Photo editing and casual gaming

    Hi all, Close to buy a gaming machine although will primarily be used for Photo editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. My budget is €535. I want IPS for colour accuracy and definately 100 percent SRGB coverage preferably great covergae of Adobe RGB as well. I guess 27" is what I'd go for. 4K...
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    [SOLVED] Issue booting from USB Flashdrive

    Hello. Recently I built a new pc. I want to install Windows 10 on my 2TB HDD using a USB Sandisk Cruzer 8GB Flash Drive. I tried using the windows media tool on the flash drive and inserting it into the PC and obviously setting the boot priority to the USB Flash Drive. I was greeted with a...