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  1. sennehaest

    [SOLVED] Need help with CPU choice.

    Hello, I'm searching for an i5 or i7 cpu wich it fits for a ''Socket 1155 LGA'' . It's mostly gonna be used for gaming/streaming. Does someone has some suggestion? (The CPU I have right now is: Intel Core i5 3450 3.1Ghz.) Thanks alot!
  2. G

    Question Can i use asus g751JY motherboard on asus g751JL?

    I have an asus g751jl whose motherboard needs replacing, i searched and found my only option on Ali express. I also found that g751jy had the same motherboard just with a different graphics card i.e nvidia gtx 980M , can i use that motherboard in my laptop? it includes processor and graphics...
  3. D

    Question HELP camera for photography help please

    Hi! So I’m starting a company and I need a 4K camera that I can take very good “business” like pictures of my products that I can upload onto my website what’s ould be the best 4K camera that’s possibly less than 1k. Please help I have no clues on what cameras are good!
  4. N

    Question Brand new build 1750 Euro: Missing GPU

    Hello, Im planning to buy a complete pc this month. The big thing is i dont wanna spend 650 euro on a Aorus 2070 Xtreme becouse i wanted a full AMD build. So my plan was to buy the Aorus RX 580 8gb for 212 euro ( 2 games free) and wait till the new AMD GPU come out and then upgrade. Here is my...
  5. M

    Question PCI Express not working on Asus mobo.

    So, my cat was walking around my computer and let a flower pot (full of dirt and water) fall on my PC, I was quick to go and clean the whole PC but the big bummer was that my case has an open grill. Anyways, I did my best to clean the PC and motherboard and thank goodness my PC wasn't even...
  6. T

    Question Cablemod Pro Extensions or Full kit?

    Thought I was done but after buying so many parts I might as well get some nice cables to tie it all together. I am pretty lost on what cablemod kit I would need or if I should just purchase each individual wire I believe I need. The problem is, I dont even know exaclty ever cable I will need...
  7. M

    Question RX 570 cheap MSI or GTX 1050ti

    Hello, I wanted to buy a Gigabyte GTX 1050ti 4gb for about 203 usd but then I noticed that MSI RX 570 8gb costs only 211 usd. I wonder why is it so cheap compared to other brands and if i should go for it. Thank you in advance!
  8. J

    Question Programs switching to another display after sleep

    Hi, I have a problem that really bugs me, sometimes I put my PC to sleep(manually), and after waking up all the programs switch to a different screen(not the primary screen). Not sure if that is the actual reason, but it would make sense to me that because my second screen is waking up much...
  9. W

    Question After installing new GPU and can't boot windows or get into bios menu. Any suggestions?

    I've checked all connections, clears all previous GPU drivers and reset BIOS options. Specs: GEFORCE GTX 1660 Ti Intel i7 2600k processor ECS P67H2-A3 LGA 1155 Intel Motherboard 1000w PSU 16gb DDR4 HyperX ram
  10. GPU Performance Hierarchy 2019: Video Cards Ranked

    Is RX Vega 56 quicker than GTX 1070? How about GTX 1050 vs RX 550? We've tested all the current chips from Nvidia and AMD so you can see how each stacks up. Read more here. CHRIS ANGELINI @cangelini Chris Angelini is an Editor Emeritus at Tom's Hardware US. He edits hardware reviews and...
  11. A

    Question PC stopped booting after mysterious incident.

    Well this will be my first post here so, Hello to all. First a set of specs for good measure: Mobo: msi Z270-A pro Cpu: Intel core I5 7600k Ram: g.skill ripjaws 3200mhz 16gb(2x8 config) Gpu: evga gtx 1060 6gb superclocked (single fan card) Psu: rosewill arc 450 watt 80+ Bronze Now on to the...
  12. N

    Question Upgrading Graphics Card

    Hi guys, I have i5 2500k OC on 4.2 16gb ram P67 pro3 se mobo Corsair VS650 PSU My amd 6870 dirt3 edition got fried on another setup, so now I have amd 6770 Gigabyte 1gb edition. I want to upgrade the graphics to MSI rx570 armor 8gb OC and I am now wondering will my CPU bottleneck it? Also...
  13. G

    Question How do I convert my USB based Wireless Mouse to a Wired one?

    I have a USB Based Wireless Mouse ( I have lost the USB Receiver and I would like to use it as a Wired one. I have bought a new...
  14. B

    Question Very hot CPU (100c), Computer shuts down

    About 2 weeks ago when I started up graphically intensive games (PUBG, Steep etc), about 50% of the time the screen would flash DVI no signal and the whole thing would turn off for a second then turn back on. I opened up the case, had a poke around, there was a little bit of dust but nothing...
  15. R

    Question HD Audio doesn't fit

    Hello, I'm using the Corsair 400c case and Asus Prime B450 Plus motherboard. I'm trying to plug the HD Audio to my motherboard but it doesn't fit, it just goes half way. <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/TeSN7zl"><a href="//"></a></blockquote><script async...
  16. T

    Question ASRock B450M-HDV mATX Motherboard and Ryzen 3 2200G

    I built a new pc and used a ASRock B350M PRO4 and it wouldnt boot with my cpu. The problem i think was the BIOS and seen as i couldnt updated the bios, i thought i should get a new mbd so i decided to choose the ASRock B450M-HDV mATX Motherboard . Before i buy it, would it be compatible with my...
  17. 1

    Discussion Is this a decent OC for evga 2080 ti ftw3 ultra (using px1)?

    First time OC-er. I messed around with PrecisionX1 on my Evga 2080 Ti Ftw3 Ultra. I used Heaven Benchmark while I adjusted things and came up with these results. MEMORY: -Clock set to 750 GPU: -Clock set to 130 (any higher and I crash) -Voltage set to 100 TARGET: -Power 123 (slider all the...
  18. F

    Question Google chrome and apps slow to open but then run fine when they do?

    I'm not positive this is a storage issue so please point me in the right direction if you can but this issue started happening around when my SSD filled up, I then cleared 120gb from the 500gb SSD but everything is still slow to open I have a decently fast computer (Video Card: gtx 1060 6gb...
  19. J

    Question Need help choseing gaming laptop

    I was just looking to get a cheap gaming laptop. I see a few on curries both have good customer reviews. I don’t really know what I’m looking at, is the second one worth the extra £150? £629...