Portal help


May 22, 2012
So i try to play portal it get all the way past the credits to the blury menu screen the it cut out and says i need dirext x 8 minimum but i have 9 and if i install windows 7 i will have 11 but i know my grafics card will support 10/11
i am using a gateway mx 3560but i dont know how to fix it i need help

me 1

Oct 2, 2010
Got latest video drivers? Go and download the latest from manufacturer site.
Do U have Intel Extreme 2 graphics card, by any chance?
Unfortunately, I don't think U have Pixel shader, vertex shader on that card !!!
Look in game folder for any configuration files U can run or edit, like *.ini, or an *.exe, or a *.cfg, ....bla, bla, bla..... to change to lowest settings.
Try running the game with 3d Analyze (google it) (U can run your game through it, and disable some settings, or emulate, well, sort of...maybe it works)
Also, go to game website to see if there aren't any patches available.