Positive Case Pressure? (Rear Fan Question)

Joshua D

Jan 16, 2015
I've got a Corsair 740 with 3x120 in the front at "full speed," and the rear exhaust fan is set to "normal" in my BIOS in SmartFan. I was just wondering if that is correct. I don't overclock. I just wondered having my exhaust fan running slower than the front case fans was optimal/logical?

Also, the rear fan is set to the CPU temp sensor.

Extra info: I'm using a dual-fan set-up DH15 cooler on my 8700k.

Super-extra info: I got the 8700k because of the base clock speed over the 8700, since I don't overclock.

Thank you!
You probably do not need the fans running at full speed. I would suggest using PWM fans and your motherboard 4-pin fan headers. Then you can control the fans with just enough RPMS to dissipate the heat and minimize fan noise.
But to answer your question, positive pressure in your case is the way to go. Pulling air out of the case (negative case pressure) is less efficient. It also allows you to control the pathway of the cooling air within your case. Negative case pressure will pull air in from the path of least resistance.