Question Power Outage while PC was running - Need Help

May 25, 2020
Yesterday I had a game on Steam running, I had discord open as well. I accidentally hit my power extension with my foot and hit the power switch on the back. My pc didn't turn on for about 5 minutes, no lights nothing. It managed to come back to life after a bit and everything seemed fine. I opened the game I was playing yesterday to check if anything was wrong and I instantly got a blue screen when opening it saying Windows 10 has detected an error. Same goes when I opened Discord. I tried reinstalling discord and it goes to blue screen again and restarts my pc.

My monitor also will go black for a second once in a while to make things worse.

I ran the chkdsk /r in cmd and that didnt seem to help. I checked my drivers for errors it seemed fine. I did a sfcx.exe scan and it said it detected corrupted files but was unable to fix them!

How do i fix these files and is there anything I can do to fix this?