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Oct 24, 2018
maybe you are right, having no problem so far with coolermaster or somebrands like this led me to think this way.

yeah in eu or us price difference is not too much therebey it is meaningless to get 10 dollars cheaper psu instead of seasonic etc. but like in my country prices become double if you wanna buy a model that you suggest.

whatever, i bought seasonic focus plus 750 gold, i just ignored that money and think as an investment for future even if i had no trouble with known brand's cheap psus.

an also yes i thought if you have 70% efficent psu with 400watss means that you can get 0.70x400 : 280 watts max.


Oct 21, 2018
Hi guys,

Building a new system. According to pcpartpicker, my system needs 364w. I will add probably more components in the years coming.

What do you think i would get, a 550 or 650w psu?



- TX550M is 79 euro

- TX650M is 92 euro

while the

- RM500x is 94 euro

- RM650x is 100 euro

Thinks those are all good but don't want to buy too big W PSU when i dont need it.


note: it will have a MSI Radeon RX 580 ARMOR 8G OC which requires a 500W psu



I think the trap you're falling into is that all the effects of a bad PSU aren't necessarily visible to the naked eye. You can see smoke coming out of your PC or the PC not starting. But seeing a GPU or a motherboard fail two years before it would have failed otherwise due to poor voltage regulation or unchecked ripple is a lot harder.




I would avoid Thermaltake and Cooler Master. They do have a few good units, but most of the models they sell are either poor or mediocre, and the ones they have that ARE good are usually way overpriced. Obviously, this may vary somewhat from region to region. There ARE situations where one of their units happens to be the best choice, but that is rare.

This is just ONE example of why I say that. Very new and modern CM unit. One of the worst scores ever seen on JG for a well known brand name product. Doesn't look to be much better than most Raidmax units. Sad.


Any PSU with the word "Lite" in its name is questionable at best!


At least for a gaming system. For a very low powered office or internet machine, it might be fine. Even then though, I'd still prefer something decent. CM and Thermaltake have a very bad track record in that regard over the last fifteen years or so.


I have no personal experience with Thermaltake. Coolermaster, as a brand, has earned a place on my personal "Do Not Buy" list (all products) for a range of personal experience with some of their products, and a VERY poor review history that includes fraud (not merely "exaggeration") across multiple product lines.


Funny thing, being as we're talking about Cooler Master. They just released a product that I might just be interested in buying unless somebody else releases another version of it sometime soon. It's a 90 degree 24 pin ATX adapter so your cabling doesn't have to make a big U to plug in.

One day they'll remove that annoying clip that holds the cable in.

How is it ever going to fall out if that wasn't there but how many finger nails have given up their lives in the attempt to removed them?

NO!! you aren't supposed to use it to lift the motherboard out of the case.
Oct 24, 2018
guys my focus 750 gold seasonic came and i replaced it with my old psu which is a "crap" for everybody here :d

but, i am having some kind of stability problem now i have no idea why, ie. during playing dota2 sometimes game crashes, pubg crashes.

do you have any idea? i never faced these when i was using "crap" psu.

ryzen 1700@3.900mhz 1.39v
corsair cl16 3200mhz@2966 cl15
msi gtx 980@ 1480mhz gpu&1980mhz memory
asus b350 prime plus motherboard

system never got frozen, only some games crash, yea it sounds weird but i didnt update anything, never changed any settings it now happens.

any idea? can it be related to psu?because the only thing was changed in my system; psu.

Its best to start your own new thread you will get more opinions and info than here.

To start make sure you didn't knock anything lose when installing the PSU.

That's an even better deal than the $89.99 G3 850 Amazon had a couple weeks ago. Getting a quality power supply is much easier on the wallet, these days, thanks to competition.