Power supply problem ?


Apr 13, 2012
I tried to hook up a new power supply an Ultra 750 watt into my acer computer but there wasnt enough room inside as it was catching off of the cable running down from my optical drive. I bought the power supply to power the new video car i bought a Geforce Gtx560 . So i took everything from the acer shell , and put it into an apevia case . First i threw just the motherboard with no ram or no internals connected just the power switch cable , and turned it on , and i could get it to fire up . I then continued to hook everything up , and now if i jiggle the 24 pin connection to the mother board it will fire for a second all fans will light up , and then everything shuts right back down . I am wondering if this is the fault of the motherboard or do i have the power switch hooked up to the wrong position . Any help would greatly appreciated as i dont really have the money on hand to bring my computer to the repair store here in town


Jul 24, 2011

make sure that you have connected power to the cpu socket(4pin or 8pin), and that you have connect the cpu fan to it's fan socket, overall try to read mobo + vga manual and check step by step that you have connected everything the correct way.