PowMax PSU 480 -- dud or stud ??


Jan 6, 2006
I'm getting ready to start building my first system with a cheapo barebones kit. This is a "tinker" project so I can learn more.  One thing I know nothing about but often see references to is the amount of amps on certain rails of the PSU output. 

Opening my barebones kit today, I removed the PSU and learned it is a Powmax AG II 480 Watt SATA ATX Power Supply w/ 20/24 Pin Support - 480W .  I tested it on a PSU test with over-voltage detection and it passed. (but means nothing to me)

I'd like to know if that will do for the system described below, or if not, can someone suggest a specific make/model which is a better choice.  I happened to have around here a dead proprietary PSU from Dell, and I noticed it is not the same physical size as the PowMax 480.

When I opened my barebones today, here are the numbers I found there and I would appreciate comments by those knowledgeable,
comments good or bad. Thanks!

The PSU turned out to be:
AC Input 15V/230V 10A/6A 60/50Hz
DC Output: +3.3V  |  +5  |  +12V | -5V | -12V | +5VSB
480W          28A  | 38A  |  17A    | 1.0A| 0.5A | 2.0A

This system when built will contain:
ECS L4VXA2 mobo
P4 478 533fsb 2.8 GHz
1.0Gig PC2700 RAM
BFG 6600 GT OC 128mb AGP (requires extra dongle)
single drive: CD-RW/DVD-ROM
120GB HD 5400rpm
Should be sufficient for that system from a PSU rating perspective. I would bet that the 480W rating is overblown, max rating and the PSU would shut down or blow at that load level. What is the max continuous load rating? For a 480W PSU to have that low of an amp rating on the 12V rail is an indication of poor design. :/


Aug 11, 2005
Powmax is one of the worst, if not the worst, brands of power supplies now available and should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent damage to your computer. Fortron-Source Power makes excellent yet inexpensive supplies that sell under several brands, including Fortron and Sparkle (see Newegg.com's web site), and one of their 350W units (and possibly even a 300W one) can likely run your equipment better and with less strain than a 480W Powmax can.