Primary and Secondary IDE Controller Errors on Gateway Solo - HELP!


Mar 3, 2012
Hello Tom's.

Continuing on my journey to reactivate a Gateway Solo 9100. My plan is to install Win98, XP, and Linux, all on separate partitions.

If you look at my posts, I pretty much gutted the system and added components (i.e. more RAM and a faster processor) to give it new life.

I'm back to square one with installing Win98. I decided to install Win98 since a.) Gateway has a battery learning program that only works in 98 (which I tested, and yes I need a new battery but will get one when I'm done setting up the software), and b.) Gateway also had a DVD/LS-120 SuperDisk combo drive. Now I have some old SuperDisks I have data on that I'd like to see what was on them, but the SuperDisk Module won't work in XP. It currently doesn't work in 98, but regular floppies do.

So I had to put on 98. Now I'm seeing some errors that I've never seen before, such as a primary and secondary controller error (code 10) in device manager. I also have a floppy controller error, and an unknown device error. I've read posts where it disabled a 32-bit setting and got drivers from Intel - tried both, nothing works. The only thing the 32-bit disable option does is allow me to get better resolution on my screen (which is weird, since it was working before I gutted the laptop and have the latest driver).

I also notice that I have to boot at least 3 times before Win98 even starts up. It will go through the BIOS, but then freezes. But on the third time, it will finally go through.

I also noticed that booting from CD-ROM no longer works right. When I'm in 98 I can read from CD, and the bootable floppy works, but if I wanted to boot XP from CD (which I've done before on this system), it won't do it. I have the latest BIOS from Gateway and I have 2 DVD drives from Gateway to test. No luck.

Any help would be appreciated.