Problem in copying files to external hard disk


Apr 28, 2011

I have a problem in copying files to my external hard disk.

OS: Windows 7
Processor: I7
External Hard Drive: A-DATA Nobility NH01 (640 GB)
Transfer: USB3 and/or USB2

After copying 20 GB of data from my computer to the external HDD, at least one folder (from the external HDD) is inaccessible.
I am receiving the following message: "#folder# is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted or inaccessible".
By repeating the operation, the inaccessible folder can change or remain the same.
The source folder, form the computer, is accessible.
If the amount of copied data is around 40GB, I am receiving the following error : "Error 0x80070570".
By using "chkdsk /f" from command com, I am receiving a big number of messages of type "Recovering orphaned file #file.extension# (10522) into directory file 10521.".
Running once again chkdsk, I am getting the same number of "Recovering .. " messages.
After this step, some of inaccessible folders are becoming accessible, but others not.

Please, I would like to receive some advice, in order to correctly identify and solve the problem. For the moment, I do not know if the external HDD is the problem.

Thanks in advance


Aug 15, 2007
Did you format the disk as NTFS or FAT32?
If you went FAT32 then you'll have problems as win7 likes NTFS which is a better format anyways...
Make sure you give the computer time to finish the transfer..I know it can take time to transfer files to an external....just look at the LEDs on the drive or comp to see if it is flashing alot...
By the it one of those compact usb drives?
please respond..JQ


Aug 15, 2007
Ok..that model is a portable that's powered off the usb port....
So if that is still giving you problems it could be power related....
you could try it on a friends computer and see if it works ok on there....
What brand and power is your psu?
Also your usb cable might be a try a different cable...
Hope this helps...JQ