Problem installing Windows / hard drive


Aug 15, 2006
Intel D975XBX mobo, WD Caviar SE 160GB hd and a Windows XP upgrade cd and one that came with a laptop ( seems like the full version)

Okay, I tried installing Windows XP on my new rig and got to the partition part. I choose the big empty one (152GB) and click next. Ask what system I say NTFS and he then tries formatting it. There goes the error. Windows can't and asks to check connections and stuff like that.

I then shut down the system, check my connections, and I change the Sata connector from the Sata 0 to the Sata 1, and I switch power connectors.

I fire up the system once more and go past the bios menu and it says: " Press any key to the boot from CD-rom. Unable to load operating system. When I try pressing a key, it just beeps at me, nothing changes.

Any help?

PS:If any of you where on this forum last week you might have seen my topic about video problems, yeah I changed video card and now the display is correct. I'm really down on my luck on my first rig it seems.

PS*2= When I put my 2 sticks of ram in dual channel it reboots right before the Windows XP setup. Pulling 1 stick out and in single channel fixes the problem. Is this normal?

EDIT= Okay update here: I found the way to reach the formatting part without hitches. It says it can't format the disk. It may be damaged. If it is a SCSI disk, check that you have correct drivers.. how do I know if my disk is SCSI ?

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