Problem setting LCD resolution with Nvidia graphics card


Feb 28, 2009
I've changed my VIA (on-board, ESC motherboard) graphic card to new Nvidia (on-board, ASUS motherboard) and got a big problem. Before changing motherboard my LCD 17'' Samsung monitor worked perfect at 1024x768 (Windows XP) resolution although its matrix resolution is 1280x1024. With Nvidia card setting 1024x768 produce very blur picture, especially letters appears looked like "not in focus". What can I do to fix it? Is there any alternative driver or screen resolution emulator?

I've already had such blur picture with previous card bypassing video driver in Windows Millenium installed on old VMWare Workstation, but throw VIA driver at Windows XP (host) or Windows ME (at VM) without bypassing driver picture was perfect.

With Nvidia card picture could be set well only at resolution 1280x1024. I do not want to use such resolution because everything becomes too small, even if I set large font, large icons and 120 DPI magnification many things (letters property windows and so on) still tiny. So I want to save my pure eyes.

Is there any way to make 1024x786 resolution works perfectly without blurring on my 1280x1024 17'' LCD monitor? Probably something like screen resolution emulator which makes Windows think that resolution is 1024x768 keeping actually display resolution 1280x1024 and expanding picture with good (bicubic, b-spline or Lanczos) algorithm?