Question Problem with 6700xt Red Devil after updating driver ?

Apr 30, 2022
Finally decided to build a PC. Before that, I "driven" i7 3770 and GTX 1060(3). I decided to collect on AMD. the first PC (bought for their hard-earned money), back in 2012. was on AMD.

Motherboard: ASRock B550 Steel legend.
Processor Ryzen 5600x
RAM: DDR4 Kingston 2x16 3000Mhz
PCIe NVME m.2 Kingston 256Gb
PCIe Adata m.2 1000Gb
WiFi m.2 Intel AX200
Sata WDBlue 500Gb
Enermax Aquafusion water
EVGA GQ 650W Power Supply
GPU: Powercolor RX6700xt Red Devil
Monitor 2K LG 165Hz

The first month blissed out from the assembly. I downloaded all the games that I have long wanted to play at maximum graphics settings. T.K. You have to work a lot, there is very little time for games. But those hour and a half behind the game after work, gave me great pleasure. The pleasure of working with the PC I built.
A month later (it was the middle of February 2022) I decided to update the video card driver. The Adrenalin program - says to me: - Hey man, your PC can run even faster, games will run even cooler! Update driver!

I'm like an old AMD fan. I think what good fellows. The performance of iron through the driver is greatly increased. Need to update!
The curtain. Or rather a black screen, an hour after the update. It is followed by a restart of the PC.
I'm in the W10 event log. There is an error "Kernel 41". Your PC turned off unexpectedly. I think it might be a coincidence.

Let's go further. A day later, reboot again with a black screen when viewing youtube. I think it might be something with the BIOS of the motherboard? Or with Windows 10! I'm reading the forums...

Here the search for the problem took several months. All this time, there were random reboots with a black screen, without indicating an error. And everything happened in front. regardless of system load. Tried different options, which are below.

My thoughts in my head, after getting a bunch of information from various sources.
1. This is a RAM. Ran all tests OK. Changed acceleration parameters. Swapped dies, etc. Swapped memory with a work colleague. The same.

2. Windows drivers - Many different versions. W10, W11, W10LCST. With updates disabled. Disabling driver updates. With the exception of drivers from the composition of Windows. Installing different versions of the video card driver and not only it. Naturally using DDU utilities, etc. Power modes, ULPS, etc.

3. Motherboard - Update Bios. Rollback Bios. A bunch of settings in Bios to turn off the power. A lot of things.

4. Removing m.2 drives from different slots. To release the pcie line

5. I think it's probably the BP. Need to check. And then I decided to check both the PSU and the Mother and the Processor at once. Namely, I gave the video card to a work colleague for a test. He has an Intel system. And the power supply is much more powerful.

Until recently, I did not believe that this was a video card. Yes, and a colleague to whom I gave it for a test, said that it was not about her. But to my regret, the problem manifested itself in him 2 hours after installing my video card. Only the screen was not black, but green.

Here is a story a story 3.5 months long. Now I am looking for a good service in St. Petersburg ...

I am from Russia, and due to the situation in my country, I cannot apply for a warranty repair. I bought a card from Finland.
sadly it's very common for hardware to malfunction, especially these days with lack of quality control even from the largest manufacturers.
considering that Powercolor is a low>mid level manufacturer i'd say it's even more common.

contact manufacturer support directly and submit for an RMA.
there's nothing you can physically do on your own end to the card without voiding it's warranty so you'd have to go through their own service for repairs.
more likely they will just send you a replacement.