Problem with 9800m GS.


Oct 12, 2011
Hello guys, I have some questions for you, hope you can help me out.

I have an Asus G50VT-X5. I bought it on 2009, and it has been a great laptop so far, except that a few days ago while playing Company of Heroes, the game crashed and got a bluescreen. On restart, I notice there were a bunch of odd horizontal lines (looked like dots) flasing across the screen randomly. Normaly, I panicked, this being the first time it happens to me. It took longer than usual to load, I put my password to log onto my session and it freezed, screen went black and had to restart it again. This time I went to Safe Mode and checked the Device Manager, and noticed the GPU -9800m GS- had a (!) sign next to it. I opened it and there was an error message Code 43. I googled it to see what it meant, and most of the times it meant...hardware damage. Le sigh.

Still I wasnt ready to give up so I tried uninstalling the drivers and trying different ones. I tried 5 drivers


And everytime I restarted the computer the same thing happened: odd lines across the screen and crash. I accepted the fact that my GPU was kaput.

Im going to buy a new GPU and that is were I need help. Since the 9800m GS is an outdated model, I cant find where to buy it on the internet. I live in Venezuela and my mother is on vacations on the U.S so she is going to bring it home. But, she wont go looking around computer stores to buy a GPU, so she told me to find it on the internet and then have it shipped to her home in the U.S. I tried looking for the 9800m GS on Amazon and Bestbuy and couldnt find it. I was hoping you guys could tell me which GPU I could buy that works on my G50VT-X5 that is equal or better than my 9800m GS. (replacing the laptop entirelly is out of the question, not enough $$$)