Problem with Asus Rampage


Sep 19, 2009
i am unable to get my asus rampage to post that i got today

Intel i7 920, D0 SLBEJ S1366, Nehal + Asus Rampage 1 £374.99
6GB (3x2GB) Corsair Dominator DDR3, 1 £122.00
64GB Corsair, Extreme Series X64 ML 1 £131.00
1GB Gainward GTX 285 55nm, 2484MHz 1 £215.00
Xclio Godspeed One Advanced Black M 1 £44.49
22" Viewsonic VX2268wm, 3D 120Hz, W 1 £220.99
Corsair 650W
Scan IP784 Multimedia Office Pro Wi 1 £14.99
LiteOn IHAS324-32 24x DVD±R, 8x DVD 1 £16.99

When i turn it on it boots up, reboots after a couple of seconds then hangs with the power on. The LCD Poster isnt helping much as it only displays a timer!

Can anyone help pleaseeeeeeeee