Question Problem with enabling G-SYNC and HDR at the same time on Odyssey Ark monitor ?

Jan 25, 2023
Hi everyone,

I am having a problem with my Samsung Odyssey Ark display and want to know if someone can tell me what to check.

When I activate G-SYNC (in the NVIDIA control panel), and then activate HDR (in Windows) I see everything foggy (not sure if this is the correct word).
I did a photo before activate HDR and after:



This is happening since another PC I had with a RTX 3070 Ti.
Now I have a RTX 4090 (ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4090 OC Edition 24GB GDDR6X) and I have the same problem.

-I've tried with different HDMI cables (no DP for this screen).
-The operating system (Windows 11) and NVIDIA drivers are updated.
-Display firmware up-to-date too.

If I activate HDR with G-SYNC deactivated, no problem at all. I can see everything right.

Anything else I can check now? Do you think that the display could be faulty?

Thank you very much!!
odyssey arc isnt gsync compatible idea why US specs doesnt lists gsync compatibility at all, but if you switch to another non US country, it does says there in specs that gsync is not available...its freesync premium monitor afterall

so maybe switch to AMD gpu which supports freesync or replace monitor with gsync ultimate (gsync + HDR)
Jan 25, 2023
Hi, and thank you.

I was pretty sure this monitor was G-SYNC Compatible.
It's a AMD FreeSync Premium Pro monitor so I thought that automatically is a G-SYNC Compatible monitor (it's not?).

And many websites and reviews I found say its G-SYNC Compatible:

I suppose I would think about to get a G-SYNC certified monitor then (I don't want to change my videocard).
Weird there is no display port on a monitor with this spec. From memory and a quick online search HDMI 2.1 would only normally support 120Hz @ 4K HDR with VRR (G-Sync). If running 165Hz I can only assume it is reducing the colour bit rate or something similar, although couldn’t find any mention in the instructions.