Question Problem With G41M-P33

May 30, 2023
I have a problem with this motherboard. A G41M-P33 MS-7592 Ver. 3 (Australia)

When I start the computer, it won't start. I thought that it might be the power supply, so I changed it and still the same.

I unplugged the JMPR2 connection, and the fans started and I could hear the HDD start, but when I replaced the cable into the JMPR2 connection, it stopped again.
Any thoughts? Can't afford to get another computer, as this is for a veterans assistance office.
I think it's some kind of power connection, it's a square 4 pin plug

OK so it's the 12V CPU power connector, this cable should be plugged all the time.

Let's assume that the CPU is fine, you should test the RAM by removing all the RAM sticks, put one stick back and restart the computer. If the computer doesn't start, repeat with other slot and other RAM stick.
I don't see any JMPR2, but I do see JPWR1 and JPWR2. If the fans tick on and stop after half a second when you plug in the PSU and then turn it on, that strongly suggests a dead short. If that's JPWR2 plugged in that makes it stop, then that suggests you should check each VRM Mosfet for a short (those are the six flat-square components clustered around the R50 choke boxes). If you are unable to do component level testing and replacement, then it is not likely cost-effective to pay somebody to fix this and is simply time to get a newer computer that's not 15 years old like this one.