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[SOLVED] Problem with Port Forwarding

Jan 14, 2019
Hello, I own an Asus RT-N12+ router, and I have experienced an issue with the port forwarding on it. I set up 3 different ports that I want to forward to my device, it looks like this:

I set my IP to be static, made a rule for the ports in my firewall, I have even disabled it, but I can never get a positive on any port-checking site or the Port Forward network utilities software that these ports are indeed open. I have windows defender and I don't have any other software firewalls which may give a false negative, but I still can't get these ports to open.
I suspected it was an issue due to my router having an older firmware, so I update it, it currently uses this version:, however this didn't fix the issue.
If anybody has a solution or has any idea as to what could be causing this issue, please elaborate.
Thanks in advance.