Problem with three display setup with ATi Radeon 6770 graphic card


Oct 1, 2011

I got a new Dell XPS 8300, with ATi Radeon 6770 graphic card.
In addition, I have two 24 inch 1900x1200 monitors (1, 2) and one Full-HD TV (3).

This ATi Radeon 6770 graphic card have
- Two DVI
- One HDMI
- One DisplayPort

I plugged two monitors into two DVI port of graphic card,
and one TV into one HDMI port.
After that, I tried to set-up the display like this: (1) and (2) are expanded display, and (3) is a duplication of (2) --> in other words, 1 + 2/3 setup.

However, it didn't work at all.
When I tried this setting through the display setup panel of Windows 7, it reported the error message. and When I tried this setting through CCC, the duplication option disappeared after expanding the display.

Please give me an answer if there is an answer to set up 1 + 2/3 display.
I think the DisplayPort could be an answer, but I can't sure about that.
Anyway, I need an answer of either way, software(additional setting, etc.) or hardware(buy a cable, etc.).
Thank you very much.


Feb 18, 2013

Same situation here: Running Ati Radeon HD 6770 x 2 in crossfire, 2 dvi monitors one in each dvi port and and tv plugged in to usb to displayport adapter into display port on card. Everytime I try to enable any 3rd monitor it says, I have to disable one.??