Question Problems after BSOD (Audio disappear, and program wont open)


Jul 9, 2014
While playing KSP my PC just shut down with a BSOD (data_structure_corruoption error). After waiting about 3 minutes witht the BSOD being at 100% i forcefully shut down the laptop (held down the power button). I would have waited longer if i didnt have the same experience with this laptop earlier when i got a similar BSOD while configuring throttlestop. After booting up after the BSOD the sound icon turned into the one with the red circle and white cross in it. I had my headphones plugged in while playing and when i tried troubleshooting it gave options to try with my two audio devices (JBL hands free and JBL stereo). Both didnt work.

Then i checked the device manager and the first thing i see is that High Definition Audio Controller cannot start (Code 10). I tried going to my laptops, MSI GS65 drivers website to get the available Realtek audio driver and i attempted to update it. This didnt solve the issue.

The second problem occured when i attempted to open the MSI Dragon center. It would prompt me to give it admin-privilige and after that nothing would happen. I tried to repair it from the control panel window but it gave me an error that it couldnt find the specified path which lead somewhere into /temp. After that i just uninstalled the Dragon center and redownloaded and reinstalled it. This didnt help and the Dragon center utility still will not open.

Im sort of out of ideas of what to try. Here is a minidump file from windows.

Edit: After messing around for a bit, i am still able to connect my bluetooth heaphones and get sound from them. When i disconnect them the icon goes back to the red/white cross icon. I also found out that dragon center wont install correctly. I think something might be corrupt.

Im considering reinstalling windows 10. Is there a way to reinstall windows without losing the programms i have installed? I just want the windows itself to reset.
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If you have nothing of importance on the installation drive, yes, I'd suggest that you reinstall the OS from scratch after you've created it with Windows Media Creation Tools. You forgot to mention the make and model of your Laptop though from that little hint, I'm assuming it's made by MSI. Prior to reinstalling the OS, make sure your laptop's BIOS is up to date. If you're logged into the OS with your Microsoft account, then your apps will download after the OS reinstalls.

Please include the make and model of your audio equipment.