Question Problems with Memory on External Hard Drive


Oct 1, 2016
Where do I start. My problem is with my External Hard Drive (EHD) that mysteriously kept making complete copies of itself. So far everyone tells me it is Windows making the copies, one under the other! But I don't know how to stop it!! Does anyone in this Forum know how? I had 3 full copies of it. I moved one to my C drive (stupid) hoping to find and fix the problem. When I put a COPY back on my EHD, it it made another copy of my EXD so I deleted the copy from my F drive. That's my 1st problem. I found out how to make my EHD an NASD/NSAD?? instead of a FAT drive. I thought that would solve my 2nd problem but it didn't. When I try and move the EHD back from my C drive to the F drive, some of the Properties tabs are missing. I've been messing with this for over 2 months and it's getting rather tiresome. So far, no one can tell me what it means if the Security and Back-up tabs are missing from Properties when I move the files back to the EHD. So, until I figure out those 2 problems, I don't want to move my EHD back to my F drive (now an I drive!!) Does anyone know what it means if the Backup and Security tabs are missing once moved back to the EHD. I read and already know that the documents will still open. I just don't know what added problems there will be if I ignore those missing tabs -- or even if it makes a difference that the Properties tabs in C drive and and the Properties tabs are on the EHD are different? And I don't want to move it back until I figure who who/what is making 2nd and 3rd copies of my EHD. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I've had 2 paid anti-virus subscriptions (one at a time) and both claim it isn't them. And I have contacted Seagate if it is a problem with their EHD and got no help there either. Thanks for your feed back. It is greatly appreciated - and hoping to have a near end to my problem!!

Happy New Year to all of you.


Dec 2, 2021
Are you using any of the software that was supplied with the external when you bought it?

That's probably not the best idea.

What is the supposed purpose of the external? Why did you buy it?


Sep 1, 2015
Was it brand new or second hand?
If second hand did you fully format it before starting to use it?

Whatever the case, I'd format it again. If it keeps happening after that, it sounds kinda like a rogue backup software that's going above and beyond the call of duty lol.

Do you use backup software that could do whole disks?