Mar 29, 2010
Hey everyone, well im currently thinking of changing my processor for an intel core i7, but im not really sure which one to buy, cause there are a lot of them, im looking for a processor that increases my gaming performance, but thats not too expensive. If someone can recommend me an intel core i7 or a better one, id really appreciate it.


Nov 27, 2008
Well that depends on the socket you chose. 1366 the best i7 for the money is the 920.

For socket 1156 you'll want the 860.

If you ask me the best gaming processor for the money is the i5 750 which is on the 1156 socket. If gaming is you main use then go with the 750. The only difference between the i7 860 and i5 750 (besides stock clocks and turbo) is hyperthreading, which doesn't help in games. (Yet)
Increases your gaming performance eh? Well, to figure that out we will need to know what your current system setup is. But generally, the lowest end i7 will give you more than enough power for gaming, even if you have two radeon 5970s in crossfire. Unless you are playing FSX, which is much more CPU bound.