Apr 14, 2005

New programs on my compaq nx9040 notebook will not install. The biggest example is nortons 2006, when the cd is placed into my laptop it runs and then you click install nortons 2006 and nothing happens. The cd drive is fine according to a health check on the HP website and all other types of cds play. The cd is also fine as it is a three pack and worked on my parents computer. Also programs such as yahoo messenger downloaded from the internet the install file will not even open to commece installation. Any suggestions on how to solve this problem if it is indeed a software problem would be greatly appreciated.
It could just be that you have an outdated installer.... or perhaps you REALLY need Norton.

Have you visited the windows update site and made sure you have all the critical updates?

You can also try opening the CD and manually transferring it's contents to a folder on your harddrive. Once that is done try running the installation from there.