Question Programs freezing after virus removal. Please Help.

Nov 19, 2019
So, recently I got a virus called PremierOpinion on Win10, when I booted up my pc I received tons of "sys32" erros then the pc shut down.
My Av detected it was a virus then It got removed, but now some programs as an example, Spotify and Origin freeze when I open them ( To mention the errors were about these programs and many more but Discord got an error too and It has nothing ).
I try killing the process but does nothing.I even used other programs similar to task manager to close them and it always says "Access Denied"and I run them with Administrator.

Anybody has an idea of what is going on? Never seen such thing happend to a pc.
You can fight with assorted applications for hours, attempting reinstall of assorted apps, removal with assorted tools, and, if successful, spend time wondering if your system is truly clear or not....

Or, delete your partitions and, restore from a pristine recent uninfected backup image.....(or nuke and pave if you have no backup image; reinstalling Win10 to an SSD from USB installer media these days can be done in sub-5 minutes)
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