PSU problem?


Apr 5, 2010
I just set up my computer, and I noticed that when I play graphically intensive games for a while, my computer sometimes crashes. I checked the ram and cpu by running memtest86+ and primetest95 and didn't appear to get any errors, so I'm thinking it might be the psu. I just downloaded speedfan and noticed that my 12V line is reading at 11.62, is that a normal number? (edit: also: Vcore: 1.06V, AVcc: 3.41V). I'm going to see if the voltage drops any as I game.

Here is my system config:
cpu: intel i7-860
ram: crucial ballistix 2x2gb ddr3 (BL2KIT25664BN1608)
motherboard: asus p7p55d-e
gpu: gigabyte radeon 4890
psu: ocz modXstream-pro 650w
hd: western digital caviar black 1tb