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I didn't see any mention of the Corsair CS-M on the front page. Its not too shabby given its age. Granted it has been EOL for awhile, but its still a unit someone might come across so I think some mention of it in whatever category would ne nice.
The Corsair CS450M PSU Review (anandtech.com)
Corsair CS Series Modular 650 W Review - Value & Conclusion | TechPowerUp

Currently I have a CS450M I got for $15 (plus shipping) off of eBay chugging away in my i5 760 + R9 280x machine an it takes it no problems.

Recently Jon said they are making a resurrection of the CS-M and it is going to be 80+ Gold, double forward (presumably with DC-DC), CWT based, and semi modular. Somewhat like a better CX-M
I just got a xpg pylon 450w for my dad's old pc. The primary cap is a nippon chemi-con KMR(instead of KMW), but the secondary caps are all CapXon, unlike the 750w version that was reviewed, which had all Elite secondary caps. (I was just shining a light through the grating, don't plan to take it apart)

Bit of a letdown, I'll still keep it as load in this system will never exceed 200w(HP prebuilt).
Cybenetics Labs – PSU Efficiency & Noise Level Certifications
I do not see it listed here. Fake 80+?

Also I would never reccomend Chieftec. I can almost guarantee something better is available, even in some countries with poor selection of parts.

2 year warranty is kind of a joke to be honest. And its missing a bunch of protections.
You don't look at Cybenetics for 80+ certification, you look here:

...and it's there, so it's definitely not fake.
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I have been curious about those Montech PSUs, just like I was curious about the Segotep.

I don't particularly like the Montech Gamma II since for a non modular 550w version its like $65. Not a bad price, but you can get decent name brand units for similar price, like a CX550.
Alternatively, the Segotep GP is $15 cheaper in 600w version.
The Sitronix ST9S313-DAG microcontroller , which is also found in the most budget devices , provides a basic list of protections:

overvoltage protection (OVP);
short circuit protection (SCP);
over power protection (OPP).
It usually allows for undervoltage protection (UVP) as well, but in this case there was no support information
Not sure what's up.


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2 year warranty, missing protections, unknown OEM.

This is the best PSU if you would like to light your house on fire.
Exactly. 'Nuff said.

That PSU isn't the "best available" in ANY region, when it comes to budget offerings. Not any region that I've seen anyhow. I know Chieftec is somewhat popular in many EU countries, and a few others, and while they do have a few that aren't likely to cause a dumpster fire, they have many that are, and the ones they have that aren't are generally more expensive than other options with better pricing from other companies.

You could certainly do worse, but you could also absolutely find something better at or near the same price for practically ANY region, unless you are somebody who is 100% limited to buying from local shops that have a very limited selection.
I have a few pictures I will upload later that further confirm "ORION" as a brand that should be avoided.

Basically, I have a "585w" Orion PSU. Label claims to have dual 12v rails with 19 and 20 amps on them.


I tore it apart and it is clearly marked as an HEC HEC-300AR-TF on the PCB. No it is not a 585w PSU. No it does not have 2 12v rails.
Genuine HEC HEC-300AR-TF 300W 300 Watts Desktop ATX12V Power Supply PSU - The620Guy.com


Jul 5, 2013
Does anyone think it would be a bad idea to run two GPU (mining) off a EVGA Super Nova 650 G5? It has only 3x PCIE 8pin connectors but I believe I have a 4pin to 8pin EVGA adapter. It would only be running the 2 GPU and maybe 2x riser cards, so that's like 440watts total


So I'm looking for a PSU to power my new 3080. I am looking at the Seasonic Focus PX-850 but am also open to the Corsair RMX850 and the EVGA GQ 850W .I was also looking at the NZXT E850 which is a Seasonic PSU.

Right now I'm leaning more towards the Seasonic over everything else but am open to suggestions.
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