Question Psu upgrade

Jun 14, 2021
Hi good day I am looking for advice I have a hp 3400mt

With 8gb ram
Currently got a i7 cpu
With a gtx750 gpu

I was reading a thread on here and someone suggested to the OP that he could upgrade his 300w psu

After looking around I can't really find any answers on which psu upgrade would be suitable for the computer or am I barking up the wrong tree??
GTX750 will run nicely on a 300w psu.
It looks like the pc uses a standard ATX format psu so you should be able to upgrade to anything you want.
The only reason to do so would be to install a much stronger graphics card that needs aux 6 pin or better power.
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Jun 14, 2021
Thankyou so much for that out of curiosity what sort of psu would you say I would be in the market for as I am happy with the gpu but might just upgrade it at some point as I only really ever play command and conquer games nothing serious or heavy gaming just mainly now out of curiosity
First of all, verify that you have a standard ATX psu.
The rear dimensions will be 86mm x 150mm.
The length can vary from 140mm to 180mm or more.
verify what length your case can handle.

Really, though upgrading to a stronger graphics card than your 300w psu can handle may not be a good idea.
Your case is very limited in ventilation that such a strong graphics card would require.

If you will replace a failed psu, then invest in a quality unit for the long term.
Something with a 7 to 10 year warranty.
Here is a handy chart to assess what wattage you might need for various graphics cards:
Buy a psu strong enough and then some.
The cost of higher power is minimal and a psu will only use the power demanded of it regardless of the max capacity.

Here is a chart of estimated psu quality:

Seasonic focus is a good place to start.