Puzzling Fan Controller Problem


Oct 21, 2002
I was having problems with heat since I brought a new quiet case so I’ve just brought 2 120 Panaflo fans and a Nexus 201 Fan controller which adjusts the speed for 4 fans.

I’ve wired up my CPU fan well enough and I can adjust the speed of it, but when I wired up my case fan it just goes at full pelt and I can’t slow it down. I noticed the fan controller connector is a 3pin point which plugs into the controller which joins in to a 4 pin Molex female and 4 pin Molex Male. My Panaflo fan only has 2 pins in the Molex would this have anything to do with the fact I can’t adjust the speed?

Any ideas as to how I can remedy this issue because 41 DB’s is too much.

To cap it all off I can only use one of the fans as their so fat my hard drive cage won't fit back into the case!


Former Staff
Heh, you can connect 2-pin connectors to 3-pin jacks and it should work, but perhaps your using a "smart" controller that kicks it on full speed if it doesn't get a signal.

I wouldn't bother with the fan controller, I'd just connect the fan for 7v using a rewired 4-pin adapter with the fan's negative wire connected to +5v on the moles.

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